“Incredible beauty!”: Admirers admired the young granddaughter of Sofia Rotaru

In May, the granddaughter of pop singer Sofia Rotar turned 17 years old. The beauty of a girl who, like her grandmother, is called Sofia, evokes a constant admiration for the fans.

Heiress of the famous actress has her own page in the social network. Subscribers with a little regret note: Sofia, it seems, was only a little girl yesterday, now she has got into a beautiful young lady.

Especially the fans of the last photo of the girl. On the photo published in Instagram Sofia, surrounded by flowering plants, looks closely at the camera.

"How lovely!"; "Incredible beauty! A magical look! "; "I’ll support the previous speakers and also say that, well, it’s a very beautiful appearance," the commentators said unanimously.

Note, granddaughter Rotaru inherited from her grandmother, not only name and beauty, but also diligence. Sofia Evdokimenko takes part in professional photo shoots, cooperates with the Ukrainian fashion designer and concurrently her godmother Lilia Pustovit. After busy working days, the girl goes on vacation, for example, on the French Riviera coast.

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