In Moscow, Leonid Lazarev’s photo exhibition “I Live Twice”

In Moscow, Leonid Lazarev's photo exhibition "I Live Twice"

From April 27 to August 26 in the Gallery of Classical Photography there will be an exhibition of the classic of Soviet photography Leonid Lazarev “I Live Twice”, timed to the 80th anniversary of the master.

The exposition includes several dozens of iconic works included in the gold fund of Soviet photography. Impersonating Moscow period “thaw”, surprisingly accurately transmitting the spirit of the times, his first amateur cadres, stood out among the works of his contemporaries in his unconventional manner. Instead of clear boundaries of applied propaganda, he chose the path of lyrical fleetingness. In the end, it was the moment of the present that proved to be more valuable than the promises of unrealizable promises of a great future. It was in the world of the present that Lazarev met his heroes and tried to share with them their experiences, aspirations and hopes.

  • In Moscow, Leonid Lazarev's photo exhibition "I Live Twice"

“The works of Leonid Lazarev were surprisingly close to the international artistic trend, which determined the shape of photographic art in the second half of the 20th century. Surprisingly, it was Lazarev’s subjective photo art, and not a pseudo-documentary official chronicle, that could capture a more authentic picture of the life of the Soviet Union and surpass the stamps of the official “art,” notes historian and photo collector Artem Loginov.

The exhibition will mark the beginning of a large series of expositions of the classics of Soviet photography of the 60-80s of the 20th century, planned for 2018-1919.

At the opening ceremony of the exhibition will be presented a book of short stories by Leonid Lazarev “Bullet for” Takumara “, in which the author in detail analyzes the life situations that accompanied the creation of a particular image. Some stories will be voiced by the actors of the Lobnensky Theater “Chamber Scene”.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on April 27 at 18.00. Entrance to the opening day is free for all comers.

Address: Savvinskaya nab. 23, building 1 (m. “Sports”).

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