Illusion of deceit: 7 receptions for figure correction with the help of clothes

I propose to talk about visual illusions, with which you can create an accent in the right part of the body and remove attention from zones that you would not want to emphasize. It will be about seven illusions of perception that can help in the correction of the figure. It’s worth looking at things realistically and realizing that if you have the Adele complex, prints and colors are not able to turn you into Kate Moss. Illusions help only to veil, a little “break” the perception, showing a distorted picture. Let’s start?

Verticals and convergent diagonals lengthen and stretch the silhouette, the horizontal and divergent diagonals – expand. You can apply this technique not only with the help of a print, but also constructive clothing lines (darts, gates, the end of sleeves).

The illusion of contrast

The small one next to the big one seems even smaller and vice versa. It is very important to choose accessories in proportion to your body, otherwise you risk emphasizing something that is not worthy. So a miniature girl with a voluminous bag seems even lower and unobtrusive, her broad wrists are emphasized by a small clock, and her full fingers are thin rings.

The Illusion of a Filled Space

Clothing with a print visually takes more “area” on the body than solid objects."Pear", wearing a leopard skirt, will emphasize the volume of the thighs more than choosing the same skirt without a print. Accordingly, in areas that you would like to make visually more accurate and elegant, choose one-color things, and where you want to add volume – prints and active drawings to help you.

The illusion of crushing a figure with contrasting colors

Remember the contrast dress Kate Winslet from Stella McCartney, in which the actress shone on the Red Carpet of the Venice Film Festival? This dress is a vivid example of the illusion of contrasts: black insets on the sides model the figure so that the thin waist looms itself, the hips become more accurate, and the chest is higher. In addition, the vertical of the light fabric extends the silhouette, which also tucks and stretches the figure.

The illusion of psychological distraction

We use active, bright things and accessories in the most profitable zone, that is, we emphasize advantages with the help of catchy details, thus diverting from shortcomings. For example, to distract a little attention from the sun-burnt face, put on a bright belt or shoes, thereby transferring the person’s gaze from the face down. The example is exaggerated, of course, but the meaning, I think, is understandable.

Illusion of light and dark

It fills with light, the dark builds – this truth is familiar, perhaps, to most women. And this illusion really works. “Inverted triangle”, wearing a white shirt with black trousers, only emphasize the excessive width of the shoulders and narrow hips. And changing the black and white in places – will achieve the desired visual effect, in which the shoulder line will seem more fragile compared to the hips.

Illusion of deceit: 7 receptions for figure correction with the help of clothes

Illusion of color temperature

On the principle of illusion of light and dark, the effect of color temperature works: warm shades appear more voluminous than cold colors. Thus, to correct the volume top of the “apple”, for example, we opt for a blue shirt, not the color of baked milk.

Illusion of deceit: 7 receptions for figure correction with the help of clothes

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