“I’m afraid of falling”: Diana Shurygina talking about divorce

"I'm afraid of falling": Diana Shurygina talking about divorce

Problems in family life Shurygino Diana and her lover Andrei Slanina became public. She recently saw a photo on which her husband is depicted in the arms of another.

Diana became a member of the new edition of the show Dmitry Shepelev “actually”. As said lead, a day earlier, the celebrity was sobbing, talking about their troubles on the phone, and even said that maybe “something to do”.

Appeared in the Studio, the husband of Shurygino denied cheating on her, but as he turned out, repeatedly regretted his marriage. Diana also acknowledged that in a family.

“We are, of course, quarrel.” But then why get married? Let’s get a divorce, “said Shurygin. She noted that the husband did not return calls. Cheating spouse, who was completely trusted.

“I do not know what we’ll do next, if it turns out to be true.” – quotes Shurygin “StarHit”.

Meanwhile, the polygraph test showed that Andrew and Diana remained faithful to each other. A photo of him in the company of another girl’s 30-year-old Clanin called mounting.

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