How to dress for work and look great

How to dress for work and look great

Modern business style can boast of its democratic character. So, in offices without a strict dress code it is quite possible to dilute the image with interesting accessories, add colors or accent on the print. But in everything you should keep to the measure, so it is important that your office bow still remained restrained and elegant.

Fashionable trousers with an overstated waist are quite capable of becoming part of a business wardrobe. Please note that there is a print in the image, which, by the way, is also quite appropriate and does not look too pretentious.

How to dress for work and look great

For the spring-summer season, the use of things with prints is an actual topic, one might say, salvation from the same type of office images.

It will not be superfluous and add a little brightness to working days. True, in this case, either the bottom or the top should be left in a neutral light or dark color.

A great alternative to the usual black color is dark blue. In combination with white it looks just amazing. Will add charm and blouse to an interesting cut, when it’s still not how to wear such things in the spring.

It is perfectly permissible to put a short blouse into the office, provided that the belly and waist do not flash. Therefore, we recommend to pick up a pair of wide trousers with an overstated waist. Will complement the image of the jacket of the classic cut.

The next image is for a real lady boss who shows courage not only in solving work issues, but also not afraid of experimenting with her own style. Make sure that you have a jacket close at hand, it is possible that important negotiations are coming to you today.

Fashion accessories and unusual cuts will not spoil your business reputation, if together they form a single whole, and the image itself looks restrained and harmonious.

The office wardrobe is not so terrible, as many people imagine. Drop all stereotypes and follow modern trends, naturalness, not forgetting the format of this or that meeting, as well as the foundations of a particular company.

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