How to choose cartoons for children?

How to choose cartoons for children?On the photo: a frame from the cartoon "Song of the Sea"

Who of the parents did not have to wonder what it is possible to watch a child? How to entertain, but not to harm, to interest and continue the educational process in a game form? shares iron rules for the selection of cartoons for your child.

In the era of an abundance of film production, the choice of a cartoon for children is especially difficult. Behind the external format and the touching shell can hide completely not children’s subjects, humor and problems. To avoid mistakes and not puzzle the child with pressing themes, I propose to consider tapes by age categories.

Early age (0 to 3 years)

How to choose cartoons for children?The Magic Path

A few months after birth, the child begins to perceive sounds, visual images, catch the character of the music that you reproduce. Therefore, it is necessary to treat with trembling the choice, even the simplest “postcard” fairy tales. The atmosphere of the tapes should be soothing, benevolent, so that your child has a sense of trust in the environment. Children 2-3 years are characterized by great mobility and curiosity, but still unable to keep attention on one thing for a long time. By three years the child is well-oriented in colors, distinguishes heroes (usually animals) and correlates them with a certain behavior. In this case, cartoons should be used as a means for developing imagination and expanding knowledge about the outside world.

Recommended cartoons (2010 – 2015): “Geometric figures”; “TuTiTu”; “Ladushki”; “Crossroads in the jungle”; “The Magic Path”; “Robot and Monster”, “Pets in search of the rainbow”, “Knight Mike”, “Developing English cartoons for beginners”, “English for children: learning by color.”

Pre-school age (from 4 to 7 years)

How to choose cartoons for children?

Cat Thunder and Enchanted House

The period from 4 to 7 years is characterized by the highest development of children’s imagination. In the mind colorful images are born, which the child is able to remember and reproduce. Here the decisive in the choice is the message of the animated cartoons. It is very appropriate to show fairy tales with simple problems, but visually appealing positive characters, explaining the concepts of “good”, “bad.” Cartoons with a simple (predictable) moral choice of characters need further discussion. As a rule, the baby willingly shares his impressions and tries to imitate the screen character he liked.

Featured cartoons: “Tom and Jerry: Spy Games” (2015); “Animal Squad” (2015); “Sophia the Beautiful: the story of the princess” (2012); “Mashkin’s Tales” (2011); “Fairies: a legend about a monster” (2015); “Long live King Julian” (2014); “Postman Pat” (2014); “How to Train Your Dragon” (2014); “Stuck in time”; “The Cat Thunder and the Enchanted House” (2013).

Junior school age (from 8 to 11 years)

How to choose cartoons for children?

Beyond the hedge

For this period, a change in the way of life habitual for the child is characteristic. A new social role of the student appears, which is characterized not only by the systematic acquisition of knowledge, but also by a certain social status. Figuratively associative thinking is replaced by analytical, so the requirements for the cartoon are increasing. To strengthen the motivation of the child, to demonstrate the importance of primacy, the storylines of the achievements of the main characters should prevail in the tales. Another important topic that is recommended for the attention of the young spectator is the theme of social adaptation, self-affirmation among peers.

Recommended cartoons: “Penguins of Madagascar” (2014), “Strange charms” (2015), “Scooby doo. Fear of the scene “(2013); “Wave the Wing” (2014); “Puzzle” (2015); “The Song of the Sea” (2014); “The Adventures of a Cat in Boots” (2015); “On the other side of the fence” (2014); “City of Heroes” (2014); “Mr. Illuminator” (2013).

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