How to answer the question: “When will you be married?”

Almost any unmarried girl surrounding and strive unobtrusively to ask: “When will you marry?”, “Why does not your boyfriend marry you?”, “Do you even meet with someone?” And so on. These questions can not only spoil the mood, but also lower the self-esteem. The main thing that every woman should remember in this situation: you do not have to explain to anyone or explain something to someone. After all, the issue of family and marriage is a private matter for everyone. Alas, not everyone understands this.

Maria Boucher, the director of the Austrian Higher School of Etiquette and an expert on all types of international etiquette, knows more than anyone else how a girl is supposed to behave in embarrassing situations and how to react to inappropriate questions. That’s why got interested in Maria, what to answer a tactless question.

We admit that the expert’s answer surprised us. It turned out that sometimes, in order to besiege the indelicate person, it is worthwhile and to show some boldness. Such rudeness should be stopped at the root and in no case do not give yourself offense.

Maria Boucher, as she herself admits, does not give the most elegant advice, how to put in place anyone who comes to mind to ask such a misplaced question. The expert recommends to laugh off and gives an example of the original phrase:

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