How rest improves your work and life

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How rest improves your work and life

What do you do when you feel tired or overloaded? Do you continue to do anything through force or take a break?

In the past, I thought that in such situations it is necessary to continue to go, no matter what. I still think so, but this already concerns life as a whole. You can not stop caring about yourself and your family.

A sense of responsibility is one of the most powerful motivators in life. But now I’m not talking about the lack of motivation.

I’m talking about the rest from work. In our society, they are still prejudiced against this. Some think that rest is for losers, while others think that it is a deviation from work. After all, if you love your job and your life, why should you even take breaks?

We will talk about this in this article.

Leonard Mladinov, a physicist and author of two books written jointly with Stephen Hawking, recently shared the results of scientific research on rest from work in his book “Elasticity.” They demonstrate that breaks improve our well-being: “Although some consider” doing nothing “unproductive, the lack of rest is bad for our well-being, because just when we are resting, we comprehend the meaning of what we recently experienced or learned.”

People who never take breaks to do nothing, focus on the short term. “I want to achieve my goals. Right now!”

But short-term thinking is detrimental to your long-term development and growth. What happens when you work on wear and tear? In most cases, your results suffer, you become less productive.

Sometimes you can even get depressed – which will push you far back.

Prevention is better than cure

This is one of the most hackneyed clichés. But how often do we prevent things in reality? We prefer to lower our head and say: “I’ll deal with this later.”

Bad strategy. It is much better to prevent burnout or lower overall productivity.

Dale Carnegie said: “So, to prevent fatigue and anxiety, you need to follow the rule” Often rest. ” Rest to avoid fatigue. “

Recently I decided to take a vacation, and here are the advantages I got from this:

1. You can check if you did something right

At work, I know two modes:

1. Execution

2. Thinking

When you are in performance mode, you can work for hours, days or months in a row. I even know of such people who have been in the execution mode for many years.

They never took breaks to reflect or think about their work. Result? The crisis of middle age or the crisis of a quarter of life.

This is what you get when you lower your head and work without thinking.

Yes, you will get results. But is this really what you want?

When you relax from work, conversations are activated within you.

This is one of the most important advantages of doing nothing. Of course, you can get behind at work, but what’s the difference? It would be better if you move up the career ladder with limited and narrow views?

To seriously reflect, I need at least ten days. The first five days I’m somewhere between doing and thinking. It is difficult to switch to a thinking mode if you are used to acting.

But I always find out about myself something new after a long break. I try to read a lot. Over the past two weeks, I’ve read five books. But I did not write anything at all. In addition, I almost did not fill out my diary.

Just read, watched movies, talked with friends, talked, dreamed. These things do not require material costs, but the returns are enormous.

Now I feel better, my energy level has improved, and I am very glad that I returned to work.

2. You can process your ideas

Your brain does many things that you do not know about. One of the things that happen unconsciously is the processing of ideas by our brain.

Each of us had ideas that never became reality. Once I met a guy who claimed to have come up with the idea to design an e-bike. Did he do anything about this? No. Now he buys every rubbish on Alibaba and resells it to the enterprises.

Each of us has ideas that are not only related to business.

“I want to make repairs in the house.”

“I want to travel by car from New York to Los Angeles.”

“I want to write a book.”

All these ideas are good. But what are you going to do with them?

All ideas require processing. Is this idea useful? I really want to do this?

Again, this is a thought process. When you move from idea to execution, without processing, you often waste your time.

Processing ideas helps to protect yourself in the future from pain, anxiety and money losses.

3. You can consume more art

What is art? Everything that makes you think.

A good song, a film, a picture, a book, a poem, to appear, a photograph, a sculpture and so on. Everything can be art. There is no power that could declare what is art and what is not.

I draw a lot of inspiration from art. I can not imagine what my life would be like without it. Well, this also has art. Read the book “451 degrees Fahrenheit” or watch the film “Equilibrium”.

The most important thing is that art improves your mood. And when you are in a good mood, you are happier.

Just do not consume worthless garbage. Start with the classics. It will enrich your life.

4. You can focus on other important things (not related to work)

Tell me, please, more about yourself.

What do you think when you hear such a request? Most of us start by saying something like “I work as an accountant in company X”.

Modern life forces you to identify yourself with work. But you are not your work.

You are your family, friends, hobby, passion and so on. Work is important, but there are other things besides it.

Never neglect other important things in your life. Cultivate relationships with family and close friends. Do something together. Have a rest.

When you invest time in your relationships, you form group memories. It only strengthens your relationship.

But do not forget about yourself. What are your hobbies? What do you want to know? What are you dreaming to do?

5. Rest is boring. Very fast.

There is a reason why people work. We are created to create. I believe that the purpose of existence is to be useful. This ultimately leads to a meaningful life that satisfies all your human needs.

That’s why when you relax too much, it makes you restless. My mother always told me that too much good eventually becomes bad. And it is true.

Our body and mind are made for us to use them.

The last lesson I learned from doing nothing – after rest comes work.

And what comes after work? If you answered “More work,” then you did not understand the point. And you probably need to rest.

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