“He was a bum”: beloved Abdulov told about the affair

"He was a bum": beloved Abdulov told about the affairAlexander Abdulov / photo: globallook.com

Today the legendary actor would have turned. Natalia Lapina has shared his memories of the affair with Alexander Abdulov. The star of the movie “the Life of Klim Samgin” in adolescence was dreamed of meeting with this artist, and life gave her this chance.

Brilliant actor and “Prince of the Soviet Cinema” this year would have turned 65 years old. But 10 years ago, the life of Alexander Abdulov was tragically cut short due to a serious illness. As you know, the actor several times was married and had an affair on the side. After his death, but they have never been confirmed. Recently shared their memories of this beloved Abdulov, star of the film “The Life of Klim Samgin” Natalia Lapina.

According to her, she fell in love with the actor when I saw the film “Ordinary miracle”. When she was 14 years old. Natalia admits that even cried at night. Soon, however, she was able to meet with Abdulov. She was a performance of “the Star and Death of Joaquin Murieta”, when “Lenkom” has arrived in Nizhniy Novgorod with a tour. After the performance Lapin stood in line to give the idol bunch. “Abdulov grabbed my” broom “and pushed aside,” Well who’s next! “”, – remembered woman. She is very offended because of this act and has decided to become an actress. Natalia managed to go to drama school, and soon began to offer her the role.

"He was a bum": beloved Abdulov told about the affairNatalia Lapina / Photo: still from the film “don Cesar de Bazan”

The actress said that filming on “shipwreck Island” friends with Director Eugene Ginzburg, who decided to write it for the film. She was confused and asked to be invited to the shooting Abdulov. Though the cast was recruited, the Director went to meet her. After sharing scenes with Alexander Gavriilovich Lapin, that dreamed of meeting him. “At the time he was free, just divorced with Irina Alferova.” Beautiful, tall, statuesque. “I liked him immediately.” Thus began our whirlwind romance, “said the woman. Over time, however, she realized that the beloved had her as an actor, not as man, for this reason, they broke up. “There are women who are such men fit, and I was drawing his bear from” the Ordinary miracle. “But he was a playboy, a favorite of women,” admitted Lapin. According to her, even after a breakup they often saw each other and maintained friendly relations, reports the edition “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

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