First-line and behind-the-scenes: the photo exhibition of the publishing house “Kommersant”

First-line and behind-the-scenes: the photo exhibition of the publishing house "Kommersant"

At one time, the main post-Soviet newspaper Kommersant made a revolutionary breakthrough in photojournalism: documentary photo shoots with obligatory overtones and subtle irony came to replace the template shots. The varnished reality on newspaper photos was replaced by bright and vivid images – today such frames would certainly become the basis for popular memes. Until May 27, an exhibition of photographs of “Kommersant” of different years – from the chronicle of the putsch to our days – can be seen in the “Manezh”.

To shoot official events, sports events and important press conferences “from a different angle”, without regard for stereotypes and colleagues in the shop, is a special talent worthy of the whole exposition within the framework of the Moscow Photobiennale. In the lenses of merchant photographers an important statesman could acquire comic features, and the casual passer-by turned out to be a lyrical hero and the center of the narrative.

These frames are more like artistic and documentary photography than dry photojournalism, steeped in newspaper templates. Not surprisingly, the regular photographers of “Kommersant” more than once became winners of many photo contests – just last year one of the pictures received the prize of World Press Photo. In total, the archives of the newspaper have more than 11 million cadres, in other words, more than 11 million eloquent stories about life, politics, people and events that will go down in history. A rare chance to see the best of them is presented right now: do not miss it.

The time of work “Photobiennale” from 12 to 22 hours, tickets for 400 rubles.

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