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Editorial office of the club “My Planet” that she was surprised or pleased this week. A selection of photos, videos and entertaining facts about people and the planet.

Play, accordion

Who would have thought that Felix Semper was a self-taught sculptor? He creates works in a rare technique – gluing together a lot of paper sheets. As a result, such extraordinary sculptures are obtained. In order to make one of them, leaves up to 7000 sheets of paper. Felix is ​​inspired by a variety of objects and makes “harmonies” in the form of hamburgers, sneakers, cartoon characters (for example, Bob Sponge got Square Pants). In addition, the sculptor does not ignore the classic busts, one of which – dedicated to the late rapper Notorious BIG – and can be seen on the video. “My Planet” previously talked about other unusual sculptures created by colleague Semper from Barcelona Gerard Mas.

Who wants to be a cat?

Finds of the week

Japanese company Bibi Lab has released a giant cat house, designed for people. The firm conducted a study that showed that 77.5% of the respondents at least once dreamed of becoming a cat. Still – these pets are just doing that meow, bask in the sun and sleep. Then Bibi Lab decided to save the situation. The cat’s house created by her is six times larger than the standard one, so that a person can sleep there. When the house is not used, it can be compactly folded and removed. Specialists of the company claim that sleeping on such an unusual bed is not only comfortable, but also helps to get rid of depression. By the way, in Japan, in general, like cats, there is even a whole Cat’s Island.

Let the storm come stronger

Photographer Faisal bin Zarah (Saudi Arabia) filmed a time-lapse video with a sandstorm that passed over the country’s capital, Riyadh, on April 26 this year. It looks apocalyptic – a huge mass of sand absorbs the city entirely. Before that, the same storm passed over Kuwait.

It is interesting that a sure sign of the approaching sandstorm is a sudden silence. Sounds and rustles disappear along with the wind, and the whole desert seems to freeze. First, a small cloud appears on the horizon, which rapidly expands and turns into a giant cloud. The wind rises again and reaches a speed of 150-200 km / h. Once in such a storm, it is easy to perish. According to Herodotus, in 525 BC. In the Sahara desert in Africa, the 50,000-strong army of the Persian king Cambys II disappeared.

Is it easy to be majko?

Finds of the week

The traditional shoes of the students of geisha maiko are called “Okobo” and look, to put it mildly, not very convenient. These high shoes with a low-cut soles in the old days saved expensive kimonos from street dirt. The average height of the okobo was 14 cm. The girls spent a lot of time learning how to walk in them. The highest okobo was worn by elite geisha. They were so uncomfortable that the girls had to walk, leaning on the servant’s shoulder. By the way, sometimes a bell was inserted into the ocobo. Why – until the end is unknown, there is a suggestion that in this way geisha attracted customers.

Better tit in the hands

Finds of the week

Have you ever seen a bird hatch from an egg? Chicks peck the shell from the inside, sometimes the process can last for several days. In this they are helped by a special “egg tooth” – this term is used to denote a pointed horny tubercle at the anterior end of the jaw or beak of the animal. It develops in birds temporarily and after hatching disappears. By the way, such a “tooth” is also found in crocodiles, turtles, lizards and snakes.

Internet on a flash drive

Finds of the week

Access to the Internet in Cuba is severely limited. But the locals have found a solution! They distribute on the black market the so-called El Paquete Semanal – a digest, which includes the most important information for the past week. In total, the selection consists of 1 TB of data: video from YouTube, movies, music, digitized magazines, news, and so on. There is such a digest of 2-5 Cuban pesos (approximately 120-300 rubles.). El Paquete is written in parts on flash drives, CDs and external storage.

World of Tulips

Finds of the week

This is exactly what the plantations of tulips in the Skagit valley in Washington state (USA) look like. This place is considered the largest flower farm in the country, and tulips have been growing here for more than a hundred years! In 1984, the first tulip festival was organized in the valley, which later became an annual festival. Nowadays, narcissuses and irises are planted on the plantations. It’s terrible to think that such beauty could be destroyed – in fact from 1967 to 1983, serious consideration was given to the construction projects on this territory of two nuclear power plants. Fortunately, everything turned out, and today flower meadows are available to all comers. Another famous tulip festival is held in the Dutch Keukenhof. Every year thousands of people from all over the world come to see him.

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