Feel the difference: you are free or alone

Silence, around anyone, from the outside world, you are separated only by four walls, and to be more specific, a single door. The phone is silent, there are not any messages on social networks, and the daily says that there are no plans for today. What will you feel in such a situation? Freedom or loneliness?

This morning you broke up with your beloved. The whole day you went shopping with friends who tried their best to support you and distract you from sad thoughts. The evening you devoted yourself: turned on your favorite music, took a bath with fragrant foam, made a relaxing face mask. You’ve never had time for this before. Now you are sitting in a bar where an interesting and very handsome young man wants to meet you. Freedom or loneliness?

The long-awaited weekend came. You and your friends planned to go to the country for barbecue, but the weather spoiled all plans. In addition to a sudden showers, two mass-workers-entertainers urgently needed to go to work, another member of the team dropped out for no apparent reason, and the lady with poor health stayed at home, in which she was supported by a young man. A painfully familiar situation, however. Result: the rain has passed, the sun shines brightly on the street, and you are at home without plans for the weekend. In the closet lie favorite videos that have long been covered with dust and are waiting for their time, and on the shelf – a book where the bookmark for the last month did not move either on the page. Freedom or loneliness?

Feel the difference: you are free or aloneA photo: Getty Images

If to think, each of the presented situations can make us feel unnecessary and lonely. But it all depends on how you look at the circumstances and whether you can find a profit for yourself.

Each of us has ever been asked about the marital status or the state of affairs on a personal front. No matter how we paint our memoirs and throw ourselves into hot details, the conclusion is always the same: the other half is either there or it is not. But why some girls call themselves lonely, and others – free?

The reasons lie not only in the inner experiences of the heroine, but in her life experience, character and, of course, influence from the outside. So, you’re free if …

Your own director

In another way, this can be called the ability to spend time with yourself and not feel fear, sadness, boredom or any other accompanying emotions. If you sometimes like to be alone and do not panic at the approach of silence, then you can easily call yourself free, at least from the necessity of the presence of a number of other people.

For all hands the master

Since childhood, you have been taught to be independent and find a way out of any difficult situations, and if you do not know how to do something – learn. Now you are with your mother, carpenter, programmer, and employee of the month. Your absolute independence and resourcefulness simply buried a helpless girl in you, but you do not depend on the help of other people.

Lone wolf

It so happened that in your life there was no long-term relationship. Most of the time you spent on yourself, you have no idea what it means to wait for someone at home, and next to you, the bear of Vasily slept for the longest time. Nobody is to blame, you have become accustomed to living this way and so for a long time you do not perceive your position as loneliness, you are free from relationships.

Out of range

All around only talk about the need to have a family and children, and stereotypes are such that a girl without a young man is unhappy. If you do not agree with this statement and you can feel comfortable both in and out of relationships, then yes, you are free from the opinions of others.

Feel the difference: you are free or alone

Flying squirrel

Your inconstancy and the desire for change makes you jump from place to place: change the situation, work, place of residence. This affects your personal life. Your character is such that changing a partner for you is not the greatest tragedy. Parting feels more like a breath of fresh air, a wave of inspiration and an occasion to realize your boldest ideas. And the most valuable thing is that you again appeared for this time, because you are free for something new.

It can not be said that calling oneself lonely is bad, but free is good

Both these concepts have both positive and negative features, it is important that they are a reflection of your inner state.

In the word “loneliness” there is more sadness and sadness, need for someone’s presence, support. Freedom is felt by man as something broad and boundless, not requiring intervention. By defining yourself as lonely or free, you only let others know what you feel and how you perceive the situation that has developed.

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