Fashionable makeup for the spring-summer of 2018: three images in the spirit of Jennifer Lopez

Fashionable makeup for the spring-summer of 2018: three images in the spirit of Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez knows a lot about make-up. The singer (and also an actress, dancer and enthusiastic OWL) always looks great: both on stage and on the way to the gym. Together with the model Miranda Shelia, we were inspired by Jay Lo and tried to make up her style.

Pure Beauty

Jennifer Lopez loves makeup without make-up: when the face only nuanced shades. And to make such very uneasy! Eyebrows are left natural (gel podvodka with ceramides Brow Liner Gel from Inglot is suitable for their formulation).

In the make-up of the eyes of the “naked” effect, we achieve the matte shadows of Inglot System Freedom Eye Shadow Matte in cream-beige shades. Apply them better with a brush and carefully shade over the upper eyelid (if you wish with them, you can slightly bring the lower ciliary contour).

Lips need to be covered with matt lipstick Lipstick Matte from Inglot (preferably in the shade of J233 Champagne or J211 Brandy). You can add a little bit of radiance: choose illuminizers Livin ‘the Highlight Illuminator Inglot or HD Highlighter Highlighter Trio Freedom System Inglot. You can safely put them on the back of the nose, cheekbones, over the upper lip and add a droplet on the chin.


Black arrows paired with bright lips are almost classic. In addition to gel podvodki and raspberry-red lipstick you will also need pearl shadows for the eyes of Freedom System Eye Shadow Pearl Inglot. And of course, do not forget about the black mascara Viva Las Lashes Inglot. It should be applied in several layers on eyelashes of the upper and lower eyelids (do not be afraid, it lies down without lumps and does not lubricate, and at the expense of separated villi on the tassel it perfectly stains the eyelashes along the entire length).

Do not forget about the powder – ideally suited compact Freedom System HD Pressed Powder Inglot. She will make the skin as impeccable as that of Jay Law, hide all the flaws and accentuate the natural radiance (by the way, this novelty, thanks to the HD pigments, is perfectly suited both for photography, the stage, and for everyday life).

Cat Eye

An excellent variant of make-up for every day (with it it is possible and in office, and on a party) – when we allocate eyes, and leave lips neutral. Create a beautiful haze on the upper eyelid with the help of shimmering shadows Freedom System Eye Shadow DS Inglot (try different shades, mix them for a spectacular result and make smoky eyes in the spirit of Jay Lo). And another tip: draw the lower and upper contour of the eyelashes with the black gel eyeliner Eyeliner Gel Inglot (it is easily applied without spreading).

Fashionable makeup for the spring-summer of 2018: three images in the spirit of Jennifer Lopez

For the lips, both matte and glossy lipsticks are suitable. The main thing – is the color, take a more gentle-cream, to emphasize the sensuality of the lips. On the cheekbones for the effect of natural sunburn and sunshine on the skin, you can add a little bronzer Boogie Down Bronze Inglot and Root Freedom System Face Blush Inglot (by the way, put them lightly touching the skin – so you will get a charming barely noticeable blush).

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