Fashion for teens 2018

Teenagers are very important as they look.

For them it is of great importance, they are fashionably dressed and how their image will be perceived by others.

To keep up with the latest trends, find out what fashion is for teenagers in 2018.

Fashion for teens 2018

Fashion for teenagers-boys 2018

The new fashion season brought changes: negligence is no longer in fashion, replaced by neatness and some conservatism in clothes.

What is now in fashion for boys? Narrowed trousers with lapels at the ankles, classic jackets, shorts, simple knitted sweaters – fashionable clothes for teenagers this year.

Fashion for teens 2018

Pay attention to the fashion combination:

a pink or light-colored shirt with a checkered suit, a knitted unisex pullover with white trousers, narrowed trousers and a red jacket, shorts +/- 5 cm from the knee with a shirt, and narrowed to the bottom, sports trousers and a polo shirt, jeans with gold threads on suspenders and a cowboy hat, elongated shorts and a classic jacket in one color.

Fashion for teens 2018

Stylish clothes should be combined with fashion footwear. Pay attention to the shoes, as trousers with lapels and shorts like never before show it.

Choose men’s sneakers, white sneakers, sandals on thick soles, shoes of different colors in pairs.

Teenage Fashion for Girls in 2018

Fashion for girls is full of variety. Really incredible combinations: sneakers with light dresses and corrugated skirts, loose oversize jerseys and tight jeans, trousers with an inflated waistline and short jackets / vests.

Fashion for teens 2018

In clothing for adolescents, the multilayeredness is important. It is also very practical: it is easy to combine different clothes and adjust the number of layers depending on the temperature regime. A successful example of multilayered – fashionable thin demi-season down jacket, put under a wide coat – stylish and not cold.

Fashion for teens 2018

Trendy for several seasons knitted sweatshirts will remain in the trend. To them, stylists recommend choosing a knitted skirt and high knee socks. A pleated skirt and leather jacket is an excellent duo.

Fashion for teens 2018

Fashion for teenagers is special, it is full of contradictions, and current trends allow this to be realized. On a knitted dress it is possible to put on an easy or light; mild chiffon blouse, and on a thin dress – a thick sweater of the size of oversize.

For a party, choose more daring clothes – blouses with open shoulders or loose truncated tops with flared trousers. Metallic clothes will help to stand out – gold and silver can be combined with each other. Large ornaments, glasses from the sun of irregular shape – these accessories will complement the image.

Fashion for teens 2018

Teenage fashion is bright and eccentric. Allow yourself to express your perception of style.

The fashion of this season gives all the opportunities to prove oneself. In the trend of multi-layered, abundant colors, extravagant combinations.

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