Fans of Sergey Lazarev sounding the alarm from the rapid weight loss singer

Fans of Sergey Lazarev sounding the alarm from the rapid weight loss singerPhoto: @lazarevsergey (Instagram Sergey Lazarev)

Sergey Lazarev may repeat the fate of his colleague Dima Bilan, which is some time ago. That Sergey has recently begun to melt for the eyes. Concerned about the health of their idol, they fell asleep Lazarev questions about the reasons for the dramatic change in appearance.

The singer confirmed that he had recently lost a lot of weight. Loss of seven pounds was the result of strong stress and preparing the new live show. “Say that I lost weight …” “Yes, that’s right: minus seven kilograms during the preparation for the new show!” A consequence of the constant rehearsals and dances, stress, nerves, balanced diet of watering Tupperware and desire to be in good shape ! Vacation – time relaxation, but not for me … relax in 80 years! ” jokes Lazarev.

Fans suggest the 35-year-old Lazarus to pay attention to their health and to make sure that such sharp jumps in weight were not provoked by the dangerous diseases. After a busy schedule of actions. Interestingly, some of the stars of the show have a business. For example, a complete checkup of Joseph Prigogine and Valeria. A wards Maxim Fadeev verification experts are the item of the partnership agreements.

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