Fans are sure Pelageya

Fans are sure PelageyaOutdoor shots the dignity of the stars look much more impressive

Despite the fact that social life in the capital is not yet completed and most of the stars have not gone yet to the resorts, pelage at events in recent times was not seen.

And when the star appeared in the light in a tight dress-a combination of many fans have proposed, what is the reason for such absence. Apparently, the singer was recovering from an operation for breast augmentation. After all the recent photos dignity the stars look much more impressive. And it’s clearly not a push-up. Then there are new guesses: mismoplastico folk singer decided to hold the spouse of the hockey player of CSKA Ivan Telegin, who six months ago was suspected of treason.

Fans are sure Pelageya

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“It is immediately clear that he was afraid of cheating or leaving her husband,” “If the passion is gone, no breast-it will not return”.

Fans are sure Pelageya

By the way, the singer in a recent interview, said that the first thing. “It is sad to look at photoshopped pictures.” They say, “The artist.” In her opinion, a person.

By the way, nanananana Yulia Nachalova told how he became a victim of the plastic surgeon. The singer developed complications after she did her surgery after breast augmentation. In the plane rip the stitches and started bleeding. She had to return to the US, and she came back to the hospital, where she took out the implants.

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