Ex-girlfriend Alexei Vorobyov will be judged for a fight with a COP

Ex-girlfriend Alexei Vorobyov will be judged for a fight with a COPIt is known that in fact Kira Maier name is Daria Tsvetkova

In the ugly story got instagram model Kira Mayer, known in social networks with their candid snapshots. Recently in Moscow the girl at a wheel “Mercedes” was stopped by inspectors of traffic police. As usual, tried papers. So it became clear that she was moving without rights: they were at the last scene.

– The inspector began to draw up a report on the woman – 24-year-old Kira Mayer. Then she, trying to snatch the paper, attacked police, – told “Komsomolskaya Pravda” the press service of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. – Criminal case under article about the use of violence against a police officer.

But there is another piquant moment: according to media reports, during the arrest, they were tried to bribe the police, offering them sex services to choose from – “solo or Duo”. However, in the Chapter, this information does not comment. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” has had the girl to his version of events, but we did not wait.

Ex-girlfriend Alexei Vorobyov will be judged for a fight with a COPKira Maier

Now under the criminal code, the brawler is threatened with the penalty to 200 thousand roubles or arrest for the term up to six months. The maximum penalty is up to five years behind bars. By the way, in November 2017, Meyer served five days of an administrative arrest for leaving the scene of an accident.

Ex-girlfriend Alexei Vorobyov will be judged for a fight with a COPI’m wearing underwear with lace Your hands are reaching for the body.

It is known that in fact. Kira Maier name is Daria Tsvetkova. She allegedly 24 years old, although according to the model contests this age does not change for several years. A few years ago, she came to conquer Moscow from Udmurtia, a small town of Sarapul with a population of about 100 thousand people. Apparently dreams come true. Today on the Instagram model signed by 145 thousand users, which she regularly recalls in underwear and without. Dubai, Paris, Milan, yachts and cars of the premium class. Apparently, the life earns is linen, although social networks are the former classmates talk about the work of the escort and “elite prostitute”. Alexey Vorobyov. In the United Arab Emirates with the singer. The pair is often shown warm feelings, although social networks are the girl who is strayed from the questions, “What do you care about who is I love, and with whom is the sex?”. Apparently, the relationship was short-lived: after a few shots on the beach.


Tatyana Teplyakova, Director of linguistic gymnasium №20 city Sarapul:

– Yes, we had a student – Dasha Tsvetkova, graduated in 2012. The girl was unrestrained, always easily entered into the fray, had to call parents. Maybe it’s something neurotic, because sometimes it could not remember what happened. Studied not bad, three or four. A small, slender, curvaceous, with long hair, always huge, huge heels. Because of the problems in the school, Shoe to wear sanitary standards. During the exam she changed her name and surname in the passport. We then think it probably is going to relocate abroad. But Dasha moved to Moscow, entered the University. As much as she did one year, I do not know. What is also not heard, I will not lie.

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