Eleven items of women’s wardrobe that annoy men

Eleven items of women's wardrobe that annoy men

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There are women’s clothes that men dislike and do not understand. But sometimes they do not dare or consider it tactless to admit to this their second half. analyzed men’s forums and magazines and compiled a list of women’s clothing that annoys the strong half of humanity. Yes, they do not care what you are wearing.

Contrary to popular belief, men are not at all against trousers on women. But there are certain varieties that they do not like – these are baggy pants and leggings. The first violate the proportions of the figure, the second deprive them of the possessor of mystery.

Seeing such clothes, men begin to wonder what is worn on you – a dress or a huge T-shirt. And if this is still the second option, then why do not you have trousers. In addition, this style is not enough for anyone.

This is something that the strong half of humanity will never understand. Shorts, in the understanding of women, may, and have ceased to be purely summer clothes, but in the minds of men with boots and hats, they do not really combine.

Pink color of “Barbie” shade

It would seem strange that men do not like the most girlish color, but it is so. Pink has many shades, among them there are those that are more pleasing to the eye – for example, pion, powder or pink quartz.

Such an abundance of decor in clothes is incomprehensible to men and it seems to them superfluous. Sequins from them are associated only with New Year’s holidays and childhood, and if their companion wore something like that, they will most likely be afraid to even touch it.

If you like frills, ruffles and bows, then it’s better not to wear them on dates. A strong half of humanity, as it turned out, is not happy with this your dreadful disgrace.

Also, men with a misunderstanding refer to the other extreme – ragged jeans and clothes, which looks accentuated carelessly. So, if your guy is not a fan of grunge style – do not feel his sense of taste.

Surprisingly, they also got on the list of anti-sexual clothes. Men simply do not understand what kind of skirt is this, which does not cover anything at all!

Because of the formlessness, the ugi have gained a bad reputation among men. These plush boots add foot volume where it should not be. And the strong sex thinks that it looks strange.

Such boots seem to the representatives of the stronger sex to be too aggressive and cause associations … with strippers. The same applies to similar shoes.

Too frank accents

Such evocative details only spoil the image and certainly do not attract men. In their opinion, even the most provocative wardrobe should have borders.

What to wear to please?

There are always tight jeans with simple shirts and T-shirts, evening dresses and dresses-cases, standard bell-shaped skirts, buttons blouses and any clothes that do not look like a figment of the imagination of a crazy fashion designer, but as an ordinary and understandable thing. In addition, these clothes usually look expensive and go to all.

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