Egor Krid seriously injured at sea

Egor Krid seriously injured at sea

Egor Krid seriously injured at sea

Many shocked and scared their fans. Egor Krid its publication in the Network. The singer posted a personal photo of a bloody foot.

“Be careful” Turkish “sea, – he has warned fans.” – Sharp reefs and sometimes very finely! Lame but happy flew to Dubai! “

In Turkey Yegor did not go on vacation, but for work. The luxurious hotels of the southern coast of the country to attract tourists. Representatives of domestic show-business with pleasure accept the invitation of the “of the Turkish side”, because in addition to the concert, they are formed in the five stars of the sea.

But the Creed, no luck. He did not realize that the Kemer Beach is rocky and the sea is really better not to go without special Slippers. He stepped on the reef and “earned” a fairly deep cut. The wound was immediately treated and bandaged. The singer is now really painful to step on the foot, which leads to difficulties: during his speeches Yegor on stage behaves quite active, and now he’s in the next few days will have to take care of himself. To abandon the concerts. He is confident that the audience will be happy to see him.

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