Dovlatov insulted Gordon on the air, and she answered

The other day, 37-year-old Katya Gordon said that she sees nothing wrong with the fact that women feed babies in public places. 43-year-old Alla Dovlatova adheres to the opposite point of view, therefore she criticized the human rights activist.

  • Alla Dovlatova

Recently, Internet users are actively arguing about whether it is decent for a woman to breastfeed a child in public places. The other day Katya Gordon decided to express her opinion on this matter. Mom of two children read a heartfelt poem on the camera and published a video in Instagram. The human rights activist made it clear that we should not be ashamed of feeding the baby, and the opponents of this natural process are “perverts, snobs and fanatics.”

Alla Dovlatova was among those people who watched the video Katya Gordon. Radio presenter responded to the speech of a lawyer during a live broadcast. Dovlatova, calling Gordon “ugly,” said that she lacks male attention, once again ready to show the bust in public.

By the way, Dovlatov and earlier said in social networks that mums should necessarily cover their breasts, and if possible, feed the kids in special rooms of mother and child. Alla noted that there are many adaptations for this delicate process.

Katya was offended at Alla because of her comment and turned to subscribers in the social network. Gordon ironically asked the male followers to compliment her to see if her position on this issue would change.

However, Gordon decided not to answer subscribers, but subscribers. Many fans supported Katya and advised her not to pay attention to negative reviews. But some lawyer’s fallovers, on the contrary, came to the conclusion that the radio presenter is right. However, Dovlatov herself did not answer Gordon in any way.

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