“Do not tell us where to go”: Slovak deputies responded to threats from Ukraine because of visiting the Crimea

"Do not tell us where to go": Slovak deputies responded to threats from Ukraine because of visiting the Crimea

The delegation of Slovakia, consisting of parliamentarians, gathered officially to visit the Russian Crimea and faced threats from Ukraine. The deputies’ answer was tough and capacious.

A delegation of Slovak parliamentarians gathered to visit the Crimea on an official visit, but faced threats from Kiev. Ukrainian Ambassador to Slovakia Yuri Mushka said that if the deputies crossed the border of the peninsula, they will be closed to enter the territory of the state.

“Those who visit the Crimea, violate the laws of Ukraine, and the Ukrainian side will respond to this decision. I think that people who visit the Crimea will face a ban in the future, “the ambassador said.

Official Kiev makes such statements every time when another delegation from European countries comes to the peninsula. One of the most frequent guests of the Crimea are the Italians. Silvio Berlusconi in May this year called it the most beautiful part of Russia, which caused a flurry of criticism from Ukraine.

Despite the threats, the Slovak deputies are not going to cancel the visit, which will be held in August. Moreover, they responded harshly and capacitively to the Ukrainian diplomat.

“The ambassador should not tell the deputies where they can go,” said Slovak Parliament Speaker Andrei Danko.

Thus, parliamentarians will arrive on the peninsula to add their own opinion about the political situation in the Crimea, which returned to Russia in March 2014.

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