Data on Russians’ salaries flowed into the network

The reason again was Google Docs hit again in the issuance of “Yandex”

The search result of Yandex was once again the data posted on the Internet through the Google Docs service. It is claimed that the users in the expanded search engine were available, including the “schedule” and “salary” requests.

Data on Russians' salaries flowed into the network

As RBC informs, Yandex has already been told that any documents that could be in public access were not banned for indexing, and links to them were on the Internet. In Google, the situation has not yet commented.

The Google Docs service positions itself as a tool that is well protected against any leakage of information in the event of its correct use. However, recently such a “leak” is not the first time – data from Google Docs documents already fell into the issuance of “Yandex.” Among other things, in general access for a while was the passport data of Russians and information about payments. Later, the work of the search robot led to the fact that people outside of the Internet were allowed to love SMS-subscribers "Megaphone". In each of these cases, the problem was solved some time later, but by that time, those who could not have access to these data were already able to access them.

Both in “Yandex” and in Google, commenting on the previous episodes, assured that search engines index only those documents that their owners made publicly available for searching and browsing the Internet, not having protected them with a password and setting the appropriate settings. Nevertheless, a lot of scandals broke out around the incident.

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