Cumberbatch will be engaged in spying for British intelligence

Benedict Cumberbatch will play the main role in the film Dominique Cooke «Iron cortex“. This is reported by the publication Deadline.

Cumberbatch will reincarnate as British spy Greville Winners. Scenario picture, based on real history, produced Tom O’Connor.

Cumberbatch will be engaged in spying for British intelligencephoto: REX / SHUTTERSTOCK

According to the plot of the tape, Wynn was connected with Colonel GRU Oleg Penkovsky, who offered his services to British intelligence in exchange for the opportunity to flee abroad. In 1961, Penkovsky signed the act of recruiting and worked for intelligence until 1962, when counterintelligence officers of the KGB arrested him and Wynne, who was his liaison. The colonel was shot, and Wynne was later exchanged for the Soviet intelligence officer Konon Molodoy.

Other details of the tape are still a secret.

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