Crocodiles were allowed to listen to Bach in the MRI scanner

This was a technical breakthrough.

Researchers gave to listen to classical music Nile crocodiles in the scanner MRI in an attempt to learn more about the brain of dinosaurs. Scientists have launched one-year-old animals in an MRI scanner. While the crocodiles were walking around the apparatus, they switched on Bach and measured brain activity. It was found that when these reptiles hear complex stimuli, then they activate additional zones in the brain. It turned out that the brains of crocodiles react to music in much the same way as the brains of birds and mammals. It was unexpected, because the birds themselves are singing, it would seem, their brain must be different. And from crocodiles, no one expected such musicality, reports the Daily Mail. Conducting this study was not easy, because even small crocodiles reach a meter in length and can cause damage to the tails and jaws. And they could not be put to sleep, as it would not have allowed to investigate the activity of the brain. Fortunately, the reptiles remained very calm.

Crocodiles were allowed to listen to Bach in the MRI scanner

“Crocodile brain research provides a deep understanding of the evolution of the nervous system in vertebrates and can help us determine at what time different brain structures and behaviors they were responsible for were formed,” said researcher Felix Streckens. Also, scientists call this a technical breakthrough, which showed that it is possible to scan reptiles, not just mammals. Crocodiles are the link between dinosaurs and all kinds of birds. For hundreds of millions of years they have not changed much. “My Planet” wrote that crocodiles, in fact, are playful creatures.

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