Cover vs. The original. “Sealed With A Kiss”.

Cover vs. The original. "Sealed With A Kiss".

“Sealed with a Kiss” – a song written by Peter Adullam and Gary Geld. It was first recorded in 1960 by a group of Four Voices in the form of a single, which was found great popularity.

Brian Hyland in 1962 released the album with this song. The audience appreciated the song, and she was in the top ten Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S. and the UK Singles Chart in the UK. Interestingly, in the UK the song was again the same in 1975.

Gary Lewis and the Playboys released a version of the song in 1968. Their execution a good place in the hot hundred Billboard.

Following getting into the hottest open list Billboard provided by Bobby Vinton, who in 1972 released the single with his version. This version of the sound in the famous Israeli film “lemon Popsicle”.

In 1972, the cover version in the Czech language “Oči barvy holubí” (“Eyes of blue”) was performed by Karel Gott.

In 1973, a cover version in Russian called “the love letter” was performed by Muslim Magomayev.

And finally, in 1989, Jason Donovan recorded a version. The song in his performance not only got on two weeks in the first place on the UK Singles Chart, but also broke through on the dance floor. In Russia this song was famous.

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I did not have to write about it in Blogs.

Jason – a famous Australian singer and actor. Four singles, one of which was a song of 1988 duet with Kylie Minogue (Kylie Minogue) “Especially For You“,

Why is Kylie singing voice of a young Madonna ???

took first place in the UK charts. Donovan got fame through the TV series “Neighbors”. The TV series “the Neighbors” contributed to the rapprochement between Donovan and Kylie Minogue, who played in it a leading role. The single song “Especially for You“recorded in a duet with Kylie Minogue in the year ranked first in sales in the UK and second place in 1989 in Australia.

Cover vs. The original. "Sealed With A Kiss".

Donating in 1989, Moved the work in the series. Here he works as a singer and actor, but no more than twenty players do not bring him glory, comparable to the previous work in film. However, it appears in various music and talk shows.

In 1992, Jason starts and successfully wins a lawsuit against the magazine “The Face“that is on their pages, said about the alleged homosexual preferences of Jason.” The case was won, but it gave rise to strong negative reactions from the former fans, and essentially put an end to the pop career of the singer. himself, explaining that the litigation had not been carried out by him, himself, explaining that the litigation had been carried out by him the court, would have to close the edition. “In spite of this, Donovan’s career has never recovered from the experience.

Later his career was even more shaken due to problems with drugs. In 1999, Donovan admitted that he still uses cocaine: “I still smoke and dabble in cocaine, but not as much as in the past.” However, according to other reports in the press, thanks to the children, Donovan has significantly settled down. In 2009 he returned to Australia and continued his Cabrero as a singer of musicals. store, he sold his vote for scoring games “Buzz!“PlayStation 2.

And now it looks like this

Cover vs. The original. "Sealed With A Kiss".Here is his Insta.

Cover vs. The original. "Sealed With A Kiss".

Cover vs. The original. "Sealed With A Kiss".With Kylie at the 2013 Christmas concert

Cover vs. The original. "Sealed With A Kiss".

But back to our song. Version Faltskog Agnetha (ABBA singer)

Another female version – Dana Winner

Chris de Burgh

British pop-rock band "Mud"

2BiC is the most melodic option

"Sealed With A Kiss".

Cover vs. The original.

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