Color and use: 16 useful green products

Long known that the color of food products has a direct impact on human health. However, more scholars give preference to green products that contain a lot of vitamins, like calcium, strengthens eyesight, bones and teeth. Other benefits of green products – find out the selection Wday.ru.


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Scientists do not knowingly recommend to include in daily diet some fruit kiwi. This product eliminates stress, depression, regulates the stability of the nervous system with regular exercise.

Also kiwi helps to remove cholesterol, absorbs iron, and neutralizes the action of nitrates, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. In addition, these fruits improve digestion, and vitamin K1 even reduce the risk of diabetes.

Best of all, this product to use at the end of the day, or to get rid of the feeling of heaviness in the stomach and prevent heartburn.

Color and use: 16 useful green products

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This exotic fruit has several valuable therapeutic properties, for example, improves memory, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and contains substances that can eliminate the body of excess cholesterol.

Part of this fruit, almost no sugar and carbohydrates, and it contains fat is easily digested due to the large number of unsaturated fatty acids.

By the way, avocados are useful not only for health but also for the attractive appearance, because they contain fats, vitamins A and E contribute to the beauty and elasticity of the skin. A regular consumption of this fruit within reasonable limits helps to get rid of wrinkles and cells.

Green apples

Color and use: 16 useful green productsPhoto: Getty Images

Green apples, in contrast to the red, contain less sugar, so even those who suffer from diabetes.

In addition, green apples hypoallergenic, help the body better cope with fatty foods contain more vitamins, recommended for low acidity, and their red counterparts.

Green bananas

Color and use: 16 useful green productsPhoto: Getty Images

Oddly enough, but most of the bananas that offer the buyers are the food and, therefore, not as useful as the mini bananas or green (vegetable) and bananas.

Green bananas are useful and unlike yellow, is a source of potassium, better calcium in the body, have a therapeutic effect for gastric, prevent the development of atherosclerosis and hypertension, normalize blood pressure and protect the heart from harmful effects of the environment.

Green pears

Color and use: 16 useful green productsPhoto: Getty Images

Pear is often called the Queen of fruits, because of the fruits of this delicacy contains glucose, fructose, sucrose, vitamins a, B1, B2, E, P, PP, C, carotene, folic acid, mineral salts of iron, manganese, iodine , copper, potassium, calcium, fiber and other nutrients. However, it is in a green pear contains more vitamins and minerals.

These fruits have dezinficiruyusch, diuretic, antipyretic action, help with a strong cough, promote the excretion of heavy metals and toxins, with unique essential oils and biologically active substances that increase the body’s defenses and protect against infectious diseases. However, these properties are not only fresh, but also boiled, dried and cured.


Color and use: 16 useful green productsPhoto: Getty Images

In fact, cabbage contains an incredible amount of vitamin C even more than oranges. This is why this product is a natural antioxidant that cancels out the effects of negative radicals on the body, strengthens the immune system and protects against many diseases.

In fact, cabbage has a beneficial effect on the whole body, however, the most useful thing is to use for the prevention and treatment of cerebral and neurotic disorders.

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