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1. Overcome the fear of flying and stay in confined spaces. When there is a

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The Ministry of Health of Russia has an annual statistical compendium on the state of

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In Greece, declared a three-day mourning for the victims of a devastating fire. At least

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In Portland, Oregon, it’s hot now: thermometers show up to +36 ° C. This heat

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On July 18, NASA’s Landsat-8 satellite received a phytoplankton image in the Gulf of Finland:

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1. Conquer the top of the Garbie Valencia itself lies on the plain, but on

5 of the most beautiful beaches in the world with black sand!

We were all on a white sandy beach, but very few risked visiting a beach

Youth of the north

Schoolchildren are skating on Lake Shchors in Yakutsk, on the street -45 ° C. For