Garik Kharlamov and Kristina Asmus: “we Have funding!”

Garik Kharlamov and Kristina Asmus: "we Have funding!"

Rumors about the pregnancy of Christine Asmus occur so often that an actress would not get to give birth to one child after another. Fans are wondering why the celebrity couple had not yet dared to have a second child, while their daughter Anastasia turned 4 years. The possibility that Christina has decided to focus on his career, no reason not to consider.

Meanwhile, the stars themselves. For example, Christina, apparently, trying to laugh at you two hot topics – pregnancy and overweight husband – published in a personal blog a photo, which embraces Garik. But the Central figure in the picture is not not Asmus and Kharlamov, and his impressive belly.

“We have funding!” – Christina joked in the caption.

Subscribers actress immediately picked up the joke and remembered that the first man is able to reproduce a child. “For this you can try, Garik!” – began to encourage his followers.

By the way, not so long ago that Kharlamov gave the public suspicion about his pregnancy of his wife. In celebration of her 30th birthday yesterday in his speech, called his wife his “quarters”. Fans of the pair. They are decided that the next one is the family can have another (fourth) person. However, most likely, he meant that Christina is so tiny that can not be it “half”.

Xenia Alferova is on vacation

Xenia Alferova is on vacationFrank shot caused a resonance in the web

A few days ago, Xenia Alferova went to rest in the resort city of Miami Beach in the US state of Florida. The actress actively shares with the fans bright shots from the trip.

It is worth noting that the artist rarely puts on the web candid pictures. However, this time the celebrity decided to show the fans the ideal figure in a swimsuit.

“Dolce Vita is in full swing! I feel like the heroine of some film about a beautiful life! Although I constantly make sure that if there is no harmony within the interior, then the most chic scenery will not help! The wind, by the way, is so strong today that I did not crash into the water, carefully posing! I want to send beauty to you through the ocean, so that the one who is sad and unhappy today, smiled! Everything will be fine! Your Ksyusha! “- signed a picture of Xenia.

Xenia Alferova is on vacationThe actress was not afraid of a strong wind

“Pretty Woman!”, “Thank you for the positive, for the wonderful photo, we from Ekaterinburg can only be happy for you”, “Thank you!”, “Xenia, be sure to visit Orlando!”, “Thank you for the warmth and such enthusiastic mood” fans of Xenia …

The actress has repeatedly told in an interview that she is actively engaged in charity. Xenia is happy in her marriage with Egor Beroev. The star couple brings up daughter Evdokia, together they help children with developmental features. As Alferov admitted, as a child, her public profession annoyed her. She did not want to follow in the footsteps of the famous mother Irina Alferova. Even the debut on the set, little Ksusha failed miserably.

“Apparently, I had nowhere to go. So Mom took me to the shooting. In the picture, she needed a girl. We shot it in a glass porch, someone stood looking, I was shy about it … And I can not play with my parents. In the first shoots, my mother brought me to tears, “Alferova, the youngest, confessed.

The famous mother did not insist that Ksenia choose a public profession. Therefore, after school, Alferova, the youngest, entered the legal academy. During her studies, Xenia decided not to leave acting. She came up with a hobby for the weekend.

“I went to the samples for different projects. I was free, I studied law! And without excitement passed all the stages of selection. No actor could do that, “Alferova admitted. As a result of all the auditions, she was easily approached for roles, and then the girl refused to withdraw, referring to her studies at the academy. Today Xenia actively communicates with fans through social networks. Fans, in turn, leave a lot of positive comments to the star.

Sometime in the summer: Dmitry Shepelev showed a touching photo with her son, remembering a line from a song by Zhanna Friske

Sometime in the summer: Dmitry Shepelev showed a touching photo with her son, remembering a line from a song by Zhanna FriskeDmitry Shepelev spends the weekend with his son Platon. Photo: Instagram.

Weekends are the best excuse to forget about work and spend free time with my son. Dmitry Shepelev in his Instagram showing him walking out with five-year old Plato. The presenter did not mention, whether they stay in Moscow or drove off to warmer climes, and they only took a couple of photos taken during the walk.

In one of the pictures the presenter is riding with his son on a Bicycle – each in his: Dmitry Artis, Plato on children. A little Platosha confidently steers a two-wheeled bike. However, the image depicts a silhouette of a boy. “My shadow and I”, – briefly commented on the presenter’s black and white frame.

Later, Dmitry has a shared photo taken during the joint: they are Plato went to jump on the trampoline. In the frame of dad and son play together so enthusiastically that it becomes immediately clear: Plato gets pleasure from time spent with dad.

– Sometime in the summer, – Dmitry has signed this picture.

Fans of Zhanna Friske immediately recognized the name of the most popular songs of the singer, which became her calling card. And in the comments to remember it, chorus, a very appropriate moment: “Sometime in the summer, our dreams come true.” Sometime in the summer, the stars we sang songs. , I have been with you together “.

Sometime in the summer: Dmitry Shepelev showed a touching photo with her son, remembering a line from a song by Zhanna Friske

Sometime in the summer …

– I Jannacci just not enough, – write fans. – Happiness to you!

Followers Shepeleva suggested that the broadcaster would take the son on vacation in Israel. Not so long ago. Shepelev was arrested on the border of Israel: the details of the passport control.

– On departure from Israel. Detain so that I want to go home. The rest of the tale “come back,” said the presenter.

Sometime in the summer: Dmitry Shepelev showed a touching photo with her son, remembering a line from a song by Zhanna Friske

Shepelev was arrested in Israel during the passport control. Photo: Instagram.

By the way, early release of. Shepelev had planned the birthday of Plato (April 7, he was five years old) a big surprise – a trip to the amusement Park Legoland, where the baby was expecting a cake with candles, balls and other relying on this day pleasant moments. But at the last moment the TV host was forced to cancel the trip: Plato suddenly cold. TV presenter Instagram is admitted that the son is often sick, and this is not the first case.

“My son is soon five.” Now every time when planning a journey with him, flying, leisure or entertainment, I keep in mind “well, not a fact.” Probably every parent has been through this: Procured a ticket for any Disney, LEGO, or any other land, organized by machine accompanying, balloons, cake, gifts and even mattress One day before departure Or even better: the night before departure and … flight – taxi to the pharmacy, and instead of cotton candy – Panadol I have experienced this three times already – recognized Shepelev I am sure you understand what I mean.

According to Dmitry, Plato refers to the change in plans.

“It’s a shame of course, but it does that really matter!” Son once said: “we will not cancel, let’s just do it.” What is he wise! I never cease to be surprised. what? – For what you’ve brought to my life in order. Your right .When everything happens on time, and when you actually need! And happiness, of course, also thank you. Cup of raspberry tea for cough, “wrote TV presenter in his blog.

Jolie, Nixon and 7 more stars who have removed breast


Breast cancer has become quite common disease. Today, the disease affects women from 13 to 90 years. A large percentage of cases, when in the struggle with cancer. Fortunately, most women are able during surgery to preserve the breast, but so lucky not for everyone. Among the celebrities many of those who survived cancer. However, the victory went to high price.

  • Jolie, Nixon and 7 more stars who have removed breastAngelina Jolie

One of the most beautiful Hollywood Actresses, five years ago, was decided on surgery to remove the breast cancer. The need has arisen unexpectedly. The doctors said that the likelihood of tumor formation and Angelina Jolie is 87 percent. Relatives tried to persuade Mrs. Smith was not to hurry, but she was too worried about the future of her children.

Later in an interview, Jolie told that she decided to set an example to all women who find themselves in this difficult situation. Do not be afraid, because after surgery, the risk of cancer is reduced to five percent.

  • Jolie, Nixon and 7 more stars who have removed breast

    Jane Fonda

80-year-old actress and model was battling cancer a few times: this year it became known that she had a diseased lip, and eight years ago found a lump breast.

The Fund implicitly talked about his illness in a television broadcast and said without hesitation.

The operation helped the star overcome the disease. Jane said that her experience was a good experience.

  • Jolie, Nixon and 7 more stars who have removed breast

    Kylie Minogue

The singer was told the public about the terrible disease, she barely found out about it. And not for PR. Faced with a terrible disease.

Breast cancer was discovered the actress in may 2003. Immediately after diagnosis, the tumor was removed. The operation was followed by a long period of treatment, including chemotherapy.

In public, the Jane Foundation appeared two years later. Since then, one of her favorite topics of the conversation is health. The actress never forgets to mention how important it is to visit a mammologist.

  • Jolie, Nixon and 7 more stars who have removed breastCynthia Nixon

The star of the show “Sex and the city” never told anyone about his illness. To break the silence, she was solved once successfully.

The cancer was discovered at Cynthia Nixon in 2006, during a routine examination. Fortunately, onocology was discovered early in stradey, so the treatment gave a positive result.

  • Jolie, Nixon and 7 more stars who have removed breastShannen Doherty

The star of the “Charmed” Shannen Doherty spoke about his illness in August 2015, when there was a scandal with her insurance company that had a diagnosis, that the metastasis was already in the lymph nodes.

The actress first made a unilateral mastectomy, then underwent a course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy (because of this she lost her hair and wore a scarf). After the surgery, the actress could not adjust to her breast. After some time she decided to get implants.

  • Jolie, Nixon and 7 more stars who have removed breastChristina Applegate

The actress in 2008 was diagnosed with unilateral breast cancer, however, that the probability of return of the diagnosis was minimized, Christine decided to remove two mammary glands.

Applegate in an interview said that he was not ready to repeat the treatment again, so I decided to end this once and for all. To always remember what her Breasts were before the surgery, the blonde star photographed her from all angles.

  • Jolie, Nixon and 7 more stars who have removed breastSharon Osbourne

After Sharon Osbourne beat cancer in the colon, the doctors put her disappointing diagnosis of a new cancer. Knowing that she has the gene for breast cancer, Sharon decided to act: went into surgery and had a double mastectomy. In an interview with the wife of Ozzy Osbourne, that she was not homesick and happy to be alive.

  • Jolie, Nixon and 7 more stars who have removed breastKathy Bates

From the Oscar-winning actress, cancer, found twice in life. In 2003 he was diagnosed with cancer of the ovaries, and in 2013 she underwent a double mastectomy after a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Today the actress speaks openly about his illness and always said that he was happy.

  • Jolie, Nixon and 7 more stars who have removed breastNancy Reagan

US first lady Nancy Reagan (1981 to 1989) was one of the first women who decided to remove the mammary glands, to get rid of cancer. By her actions she has set an example for millions of women.

Fans of Sergey Lazarev sounding the alarm from the rapid weight loss singer

Fans of Sergey Lazarev sounding the alarm from the rapid weight loss singerPhoto: @lazarevsergey (Instagram Sergey Lazarev)

Sergey Lazarev may repeat the fate of his colleague Dima Bilan, which is some time ago. That Sergey has recently begun to melt for the eyes. Concerned about the health of their idol, they fell asleep Lazarev questions about the reasons for the dramatic change in appearance.

The singer confirmed that he had recently lost a lot of weight. Loss of seven pounds was the result of strong stress and preparing the new live show. “Say that I lost weight …” “Yes, that’s right: minus seven kilograms during the preparation for the new show!” A consequence of the constant rehearsals and dances, stress, nerves, balanced diet of watering Tupperware and desire to be in good shape ! Vacation – time relaxation, but not for me … relax in 80 years! ” jokes Lazarev.

Fans suggest the 35-year-old Lazarus to pay attention to their health and to make sure that such sharp jumps in weight were not provoked by the dangerous diseases. After a busy schedule of actions. Interestingly, some of the stars of the show have a business. For example, a complete checkup of Joseph Prigogine and Valeria. A wards Maxim Fadeev verification experts are the item of the partnership agreements.

Enraged Constantine Khabensky broke in public

Enraged Constantine Khabensky broke in public

Konstantin Khabensky is a man reserved for public expression of emotions, however, like all people, he can lose control of himself. Recently, at a special show of the director’s debut of the actor – the movie “Sobibor” in St. Petersburg, Constantine had a fight with the media. Those present were surprised at how abruptly Khabensky reacted to the seemingly innocuous question of the journalist.

Enraged Constantine Khabensky broke in public

“Thank you very much for the film. But my question is this: the audience here is invited, prepared … And what happens when the audience comes another? With popcorn and soda … How to make it so that they can get through to them? “- asked Khabensky. Judging by the reaction of Constantine, this topic was his “sore spot”. In response, he arranged for a woman to throw out a question, who, by the way, was older than his age.

“Why are you worried? Do you think that stupid people live near you? What is living with you next door? Are you tied to selling popcorn or what? What worries you, tell me? Without any other things. What are you afraid of, your m ***! Yes, I react vividly! I vitally interested in your question! Why do you think that it is more sensitive than the generation that came before you or which came later? “- said Khabensky. According to eyewitnesses, after that Konstantin, referring to the big employment, refused to continue the press conference. The scandal was recorded by other invited viewers on the camera and later published on the Web.

Shock! Pharaoh the rapper punched a fan during a concert

Shock! Pharaoh the rapper punched a fan during a concert Pharaoh

Recently, the Network appeared the video, which the rapper Pharaoh (22) kicked the annoying fan during his concert.

The video was posted on the Internet. As it turned out, a fan of Hleb (real name of rapper) was acting weird. Say, he was constantly trying to touch the musician, and even to remove his pants.

In the video you can see that the first Pharaoh tells the fan how to keep up with him, then with his running start, hits his leg and continued performance.

Watch the video here.

Hot pie of the day!

Hot pie of the day!

Stumbled on this masterpiece on the Pumps)

Hot pie of the day!

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Timur Batrutdinov starred in the erotic film …?

Timur Batrutdinov starred in the erotic film ...?

Timur Batrutdinov

Timur Batrutdinov (40) took part in a photoshoot with half-naked models. In Instagram of Timur there was a short and candid videos.

The provocative shots were taken by the photographer Tatyana Ivanova. According to her plan, Timur Batrutdinov became the hero of an erotic film. Fans have the adaptation of the “Fifty shades of gray”.

18+ Smaller erotic experiment, together with Tatiana Ivanova @ittalia. I finally came to her in the daylight for the photo shoot. The most modest of the pictures from that you can still see in my feed, probably Shot in a spacious room, located on the banks of the Moscow river. When the photoshoot was over, Tatiana said, “we have a little more time – let’s pohuliganit?” Tannins under the Director’s instructions. I was in a suit, and a beautiful girl was the show of the beauty of the female body, ie almost Nude. We managed to poperepisyvatsya and within 10 minutes, when we jumped the enraged superintendent of the cameras and saying, “what are you doing ?!”, interrupted our Nude art flight. Eventually, Tatiana was able to gather from the 10 minutes. I wonder how do you understand it? I thought I would have been good inscription Givenchy or Dior Homme are Waiting for proposals from the global perfume brands Tatyana Ivanova, as always, well done! And the girls – a masterpiece! And music theme! #Nude #art #tatianasyuaeva #girls #Timerbulatov #givenchy #dior #neymar

Publication of Timur Batrutdinov (@timurbatrutdinov) May 4, 2018 at 1:44 PDT

“We went out into the corridor of the hotel and began to move in the direction of the Tanya.” I was in a suit, and a beautiful girl was the best of women’s clothes, showing the whole beauty of the female body that is almost naked We are managed to poperepisyvatsya for more than ten minutes, interrupted by our nu-art flight “- said Timur.

Material enough to mount a sensual video. The work of the photographer was so much Batrutdinova that he decided to share it with your subscribers. “Now I wonder what you mean?” – written by the artist. According to Timur, the video could be an excellent advertisement of expensive perfume. “Waiting for offers from brands.” Tatyana Ivanova, as always, well done! And the girls masterpiece, and the music, “he said.

Members of Timur’s work were appreciated and overwhelmed by him with compliments: “a Handsome man”; “excited”; “It is very beautiful. I’m not going to mnogosloven, I like it”; “Mr. gray is resting”; “James bond”.

Color and use: 16 useful green products

Long known that the color of food products has a direct impact on human health. However, more scholars give preference to green products that contain a lot of vitamins, like calcium, strengthens eyesight, bones and teeth. Other benefits of green products – find out the selection


Photo: Getty Images

Scientists do not knowingly recommend to include in daily diet some fruit kiwi. This product eliminates stress, depression, regulates the stability of the nervous system with regular exercise.

Also kiwi helps to remove cholesterol, absorbs iron, and neutralizes the action of nitrates, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. In addition, these fruits improve digestion, and vitamin K1 even reduce the risk of diabetes.

Best of all, this product to use at the end of the day, or to get rid of the feeling of heaviness in the stomach and prevent heartburn.

Color and use: 16 useful green products

Photo: Getty Images

This exotic fruit has several valuable therapeutic properties, for example, improves memory, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and contains substances that can eliminate the body of excess cholesterol.

Part of this fruit, almost no sugar and carbohydrates, and it contains fat is easily digested due to the large number of unsaturated fatty acids.

By the way, avocados are useful not only for health but also for the attractive appearance, because they contain fats, vitamins A and E contribute to the beauty and elasticity of the skin. A regular consumption of this fruit within reasonable limits helps to get rid of wrinkles and cells.

Green apples

Color and use: 16 useful green productsPhoto: Getty Images

Green apples, in contrast to the red, contain less sugar, so even those who suffer from diabetes.

In addition, green apples hypoallergenic, help the body better cope with fatty foods contain more vitamins, recommended for low acidity, and their red counterparts.

Green bananas

Color and use: 16 useful green productsPhoto: Getty Images

Oddly enough, but most of the bananas that offer the buyers are the food and, therefore, not as useful as the mini bananas or green (vegetable) and bananas.

Green bananas are useful and unlike yellow, is a source of potassium, better calcium in the body, have a therapeutic effect for gastric, prevent the development of atherosclerosis and hypertension, normalize blood pressure and protect the heart from harmful effects of the environment.

Green pears

Color and use: 16 useful green productsPhoto: Getty Images

Pear is often called the Queen of fruits, because of the fruits of this delicacy contains glucose, fructose, sucrose, vitamins a, B1, B2, E, P, PP, C, carotene, folic acid, mineral salts of iron, manganese, iodine , copper, potassium, calcium, fiber and other nutrients. However, it is in a green pear contains more vitamins and minerals.

These fruits have dezinficiruyusch, diuretic, antipyretic action, help with a strong cough, promote the excretion of heavy metals and toxins, with unique essential oils and biologically active substances that increase the body’s defenses and protect against infectious diseases. However, these properties are not only fresh, but also boiled, dried and cured.


Color and use: 16 useful green productsPhoto: Getty Images

In fact, cabbage contains an incredible amount of vitamin C even more than oranges. This is why this product is a natural antioxidant that cancels out the effects of negative radicals on the body, strengthens the immune system and protects against many diseases.

In fact, cabbage has a beneficial effect on the whole body, however, the most useful thing is to use for the prevention and treatment of cerebral and neurotic disorders.