All is forgiven? Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson on a date

All is forgiven? Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson on a dateTristan Thompson and Chloe Kardashian

It seems that the crisis in the relationship of Khloe Kardashian (33) and Tristan Thompson (27) has passed. A few hours ago, the paparazzi caught a couple over lunch in Cleveland, and it became clear … the lovebirds are back together.

All is forgiven? Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson on a date

Recall the buzz of the adultery of Tristan Thompson continued unabated for several weeks, and Khloe Kardashian could not decide: to stay with an unfaithful boyfriend and give him another chance, or listen to the advice of the family (the Kardashians against the resumption of relations Chloe and Tristan). And, apparently, won love.

“They both looked like they were happy.” Chloe smiled a lot, and I was amazed at how she looked, I would never have guessed that she just had a baby. a happy couple, “an eyewitness told Hollywood Life.

All is forgiven? Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson on a date

We will remind you, on April 12, Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are the parents. The couple had a daughter TRU. But before the birth in the Internet appeared the video, which Tristan kisses with a stripper Lani Blair. After the reporters managed to do a few shots, which shows that they go to the hotel. Amid the scandal, Chloe went into premature labor. In the end, the athlete apologized and asked Lani Blair at his basketball game!

“After all the apologies and words that he’s sorry, still continue to do the same, it’s overkill even for Tristan.” Although he was cheated on the pregnant Chloe 5 times! ” a source told HollyWoodLife. “Chloe told him that he would not go to one of his own games out of principle.” So Tristan decided to invite Lani to show everyone that he is not hiding the relationship with her. By the way, long ago, Lani asked Tristan tickets to one of But Chloe did not even know that Tristan continues to communicate with her, “added the insider.

But Chloe is a difference. I wonder what will happen next, and whether Tristan to be faithful to only one girl?

Invented a substance for the glancing of broken bones

Invented a substance for the glancing of broken bones

Fracture – for a long time, everyone knows that. And will not do anything. Sometimes, up to three months. The invention of the Swedish scientists can change the course of fracture treatment – they developed a glue, which you can use to literally glue the damaged limb.

The main thing is to connect the bones, and then put a few layers of glue that will keep the bones together. The whole process will take 10-20 minutes. It is important that.

In fact, the glue being used in medicine for a long time, for example, in dentistry. Broken teeth, chips – all this can be fixed using special adhesive compounds. But use them in orthopedics did not work, had problems with the rejection of the human immune system. A substance created by Swedish scientists, 55% increased the efficiency of all the previously known tools.

This is confirmed by the experiments conducted on rodents. In the near future. So maybe in the near future, the future of the fracture will take no more time than going to the dentist.

The new novel? The Weekend spotted with a mysterious stranger

The new novel? The Weekend spotted with a mysterious stranger

The Weekend (28) was spotted with a mysterious stranger. A couple was caught coming out at Sunset Tower hotel in Los Angeles.

The pair was embraced and had a nice conversation. Abel (real name The Weekend) you can find a black hoodie with a print in which he was seen the same day before, but to know that the girl next to him, the fans of the singer and could not.

The new novel? The Weekend spotted with a mysterious stranger

Recall that The Weekend and Bella Hadid broke up in November 2016 after six years of relationship. Abel almost immediately got involved with Selena Gomez (25), but it did not last long – in the fall of 2017, the singer went back to her ex. Justin Bieber (24). After the music festival, Coachella had been speculated about the reunion of Bella and Abel, but it was only gossip. Insiders said that the star is not going to soon.

The new novel? The Weekend spotted with a mysterious stranger

“He will not build a serious relationship with either Bella Hadid or with other girls.” Now he’s lonely and he’s definitely like, “- said the source.

But, it seems that loneliness Abel was tired.

Olga Zueva: as a girl Danila Kozlovsky became a Director

Olga Zueva: as a girl Danila Kozlovsky became a Director

She was a model, studied in the United States on the Director, and then returned to conquer the Russian cinema. The first step is already made: Olga Zueva played in the sports drama “Coach.” And in anticipation of the second – her directorial debut “In the area” with Danila Kozlovsky in the title role – we invited Olga to try on the actual images in the style of rock-chic.

Olga Zueva: as a girl Danila Kozlovsky became a DirectorOlga Zueva jacket Balenciaga

Sexy and daring in the spirit of recent shows Anthony Vaccarello for YSL Olga Zueva composed stylists InStyle with one remark: “Not a biker, and the biker girl”. Willy-nilly at these words represent Danila Kozlovsky at Harley-Davidson, and behind him a fragile girl – but this is just fantasy. In fact, the 30-year-old model, actress, screenwriter and now film Director, although inferior in fame to her boyfriend, but to be on vocals at their finest Duo does not agree. Olga, not only played the main female role in the directorial debut of Kozlowski, the sports drama “Coach”, telling about the road to success in a provincial soccer team, “, his audience will see in September.

My appearance on the set welcomes Pear: seven-month-old puppy happily sticks his head under the palm of your hand and then carried on long, thin legs to her mistress. “We found her near the road in Georgia, call Georgia, a Pear, – a seemingly closed and distrustful Olga suddenly breaks into a radiant smile and gently ruffled the ears of a dog, letting it lick you in the cheeks and nose .– Danya and I’m going to Georgia to relax for a few hours before the New Year, picking up a road dog. It’s a miracle! “

Olga Zueva: as a girl Danila Kozlovsky became a DirectorOlga top, Saint Laurent jeans and Balenciaga

A miracle. As that Zueva has played the doctor-physiotherapist of the football team, Cook in the “Coach.” The Director was not confident in her candidacy, but Olga did not put pressure on the beloved, and proved that he was worthy of the role. “Of course, I wanted to be part of the first directing project, Daniel, but for this role I had to overcome, she says.” – I rewrote some of the details in the image of Vari, Dana liked it, but he thought I was too refined and elegant for the doctor-physiotherapist. “I understand that if the director is someone to impose, then we can not be love. “In the end, almost a week before the shoot, I announced that I Cook I play!”

Olga Zueva: as a girl Danila Kozlovsky became a Director

Passionate and stubborn mind – everything in this story gives Ola the winner, but by itself, the sport never attracted: Zueva competes in life only with you. For this reason, she completed a career in the history of 15 in Vladivostok. “At school I was teased a distrofan, Koschei, I never felt I was beautiful,” says Olga, “Modeling found me.” I once saw it on the street the announcement that will be casting in model girls have chosen only only five – I was one of them. “Three times I went to Tokyo, then went to University in Vladivostok, but it was quite interesting, and I decided to continue working as a model, went to Europe.”

However, after learning the fashion of the business from the inside and the real world, it was not enough for her, she moved to the new York and I found myself in the cinema – not in front of the camera and behind it. “Acting career is very similar to the model: you go to auditions, you choose primarily based on external data. long limbs and big eyes, “says Zueva, who has successfully mastered the craft of the screenwriter and Director in new York, The New School.

Olga Zueva: as a girl Danila Kozlovsky became a DirectorOlga dress and Saint Laurent ankle boots Versace

After ten years of living in New York she decided to move to Moscow and are now ready to present my first Director’s work – drama “the district.” The story of a difficult friendship between two boys in the performance of Danila Kozlovsky and Ilya Olga malanina was shot in native Vladivostok. Working together like this on set Zuev-Director and Kozlovsky-actor? “For my part, the criticism was not.” Dan is a very talented actor, very sensitive – meets Olga. “At the trial, he entered the shot and in one take, he turned up something incredibly strong.” And I felt intimidated him on the set of “Coach . “I do feel insecure as an actress, because in this case you’re always in someone’s hands.” But as a Director you are creating your reality, in which you can do anything, and it turns me on. “

Olga Zueva: as a girl Danila Kozlovsky became a DirectorOlga Liu Jo top, bra Intimissimi, Tibi pants and bracelets Tiffany&Co.

Ask Olga how she manages to maintain such optimism, despite the fact that women are still in the world. “I do not care who it belongs to women.” It will work if they believe in themselves and go for their goals, “says Zueva, who, apparently, is not just sitting at the helm, and vengeance presses on the gas.

Olga Zueva: as a girl Danila Kozlovsky became a Director

Olga the dog in the Pear that they Danila Kozlovsky picked up on the side of the road in Georgia

Irina Saltykova said 52-year-uploading a picture in a bikini

Irina Saltykova said 52-year-uploading a picture in a bikini

Irina Saltykova celebrates 52nd birthday. Photo: Instagram.

The star of the 90s Irina Saltykova has a tradition: every year to celebrate a birthday in the warm sea. And it is imperative to lay out in Instagram your photo in bikini. This year was no exception: on may 5 Irina met in Monte Carlo. The actress has published in her blog a picture in which she in a white swimsuit sunbathing by the pool. Fans congratulate Saltykov happy birthday and I do not believe that the artist celebrates his 52nd birthday – the photo looks looks like a high of 40 something.

In Monaco Irina went with my daughter Alice – it was she who became the author of the picture.

– Daughter caught by surprise – Flirty singer signed photo in a bikini.

Irina Saltykova said 52-year-uploading a picture in a bikiniDaughter caught by surprise ……)))!

However, mom daughter “revenge” singer took and posted on the Instagram vidorolikov showing how 30-year-old Alice jumps into the pool. Subscribers stars noted that Irina looks at her age: “the case when the mother looks better than daughter” – some believe.

Alice walked in the footsteps of their parents, and also became a singer. Daughter Saltykova studied in London and stayed there to make a career.

– It is very steep: received vocal and acting training, signed a contract with the producer and recorded the album. Wants to conquer the Western world, – with pride tells about Saltykov daughter.

The singer admits that Alice is the main drive behind all her successes, because after the divorce with singer Victor Saltykov, Irina is left alone with her baby, and she just had to achieve the most. In addition, the singer had a face with cancer – in 30 years, the artist became ill with cancer.

– I do not like to say it. To be honest, I did not even think that if I’m gone … And all and end. I’m not worried. I was worried about my parents. About Alice that will be without me. I had confidence that probably will cure, “- said Saltykov in the program Boris Korchevnikov” the Destiny of man “.

Fortunately, it went away and never returned. Now the main dream of the singer – grandchildren. But her daughter Alice in no hurry to marry: as recognized by the girl. Irina thought that she did not need to publicly tell a lot of things about his marriage with Viktor.

– Our children deserve to have at least some fabulous. And the worst thing is. Now I can tell Alice, but it was before the eyes of our relations.

“We do not hold back”: Danila Kozlovsky told us about filming sex scenes with Olga Zueva

"We do not hold back": Danila Kozlovsky told us about filming sex scenes with Olga ZuevaDanila Kozlovsky and Olga Zueva at the premiere of "Coach".

Danila Kozlovsky told us about the filming of “Coach”, which premiered recently in all cinemas of the country. Kozlovsky not only directed the picture, but it played a major role. Found in the film role and his bride Olga Zueva – the actress was his on-screen beloved. According to Kozlowski, the most difficult moment was filming. They had to play passion, but by the time the filming went on, it was night, everyone was tired, and it was not easy to gather. Besides, Daniel was so worried.

– Sex scene was complicated by the fact that it was processing three to four hours, the Internet portal “The People” said. – I was very worried. And we were barely out of the street. They were outraged that the middle of the night, and their super secret areas is light and it threatens national security. And I’m very worried about this. But when I was ready to light this, we got started to gather material, and eventually an hour and a half. In the end, it turned out, from my point of view, very expressive and beautiful.

According to Kozlowski, the fact that Olga is his girlfriend, helped him during the filming of sex scenes. Besides, he left on the set minimum of people to create intimacy.

– Not that I specifically all out: “Go away, we’re here now. We make love to the camera”, no. First, there was not very much, and second, there was only operator and soundman. The fact that Olga is my girlfriend, helped, of course, although we did not really show and not exhibited, no details, and Nude bodies. But the scene is really very sensitive, because it is in its manifestations, very brave, and we did not keep in kisses, gestures.

"We do not hold back": Danila Kozlovsky told us about filming sex scenes with Olga Zueva

Today our #coachfilm premiers in Moscow.

The actor admitted that between him and his bride there is no jealousy, and Olga does not care if he has to act in love scenes with other partners.

– Olya is just super in this sense, as in everyone else – sane and intelligent person, – has told Kozlovsky. – She knows it’s job. And nothing like “I looked at the picture and you are there so it has been warmly hug” – it never was.

Earlier, in late April, Danila Kozlovsky has publicly denied the rumors about his homosexual, emphasizing that not just faced with different conjectures.

– I have experienced this personally. With different kinds of dirt on this subject. Personally, I say this openly – I’m not gay, I do not know any gay organization, says Daniel. – At the same time, I do not welcome some excessive activity on the part of the gay community. Anyway, today. We must take into account the peculiarities of our society, it is quite conservative.

Olga Zueva Danila Kozlovsky appears in public in 2015. Actor calls his bride Olga, although the exact timing of the wedding, the couple did not specify.

Deadpool dances on high heels in a new video Celine Dion

On the air of the TV show Good Morning America showed Celine Dion’s video for the new song Ashes, and its main character was Deadpool. As Dion sings, Deadpool gradually approaches the stage, listening to the words of the song and remembering his difficult past.

Then he goes on stage, in high-heeled shoes, and starts dancing like the last time – jumps and twines reflect the emotional intensity of the song. Let the beauty come out of ashes (“Let the beauty come from the ashes”) – according to the leading Good Morning America, Deadpool wrote the words himself and invited Celine Dion to sing. At the end of the video, the superhero invites the singer to perform together again. The clip was released on the eve of the premiere of the film “Deadpool 2”, which will appear on screens already on May 17. We hope that the film does not compete with the Titanic in the drama and tragedy of the plot.

We deliver all the main news about the style and tell you how to be a gentleman and not screw up, right in Telegram in our channel.

Deadpool dances on high heels in a new video Celine Dion

Deadpool dances on high heels in a new video Celine Dion

Mikhail Shemyakin: “we are All funny actors in the theater of the Lord God”

Mikhail Shemyakin: "we are All funny actors in the theater of the Lord God"

Mikhail Shemyakin is one of the largest Russian artists of our time, this one will not argue. Perhaps even those who are confused by his works (on the Bolotnaya square in Moscow), such as the famous monument to Peter I in the Peter and Paul fortress or the sculptural composition.

It is believed that the artist must say it works; but not only. Michael is a wonderful conversationalist, young and light, smart and deep. We have collected the statements from the interview, which he gave in different years, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

* My life is closely connected with art. Mother was an actress, she studied at the theater Institute of the Boris Zone, were removed from Cherkasov, Babochkin. Went to the front, and when we came back from Germany, worked in a Puppet theater of a name demmeni. Theatrical life surrounded me from all sides.

* The father was the creator of the ensemble of the military dance of the horsemen of the North Caucasus. I danced at the time. But my father was a heavy alcoholic, so New year and any other holiday. These days, the father. These memories of childhood, of course, over time, are erased, but is imprinted.

Mikhail Shemyakin: "we are All funny actors in the theater of the Lord God"2005. A scene from the ballet "The magic nut" to music by Sergei Slonimsky, who presented the Mariinsky theater. The author of the libretto, scenery, costumes and performances – the artist Mikhail Shemyakin. Photo ITAR-TASS / Yuri Belinsky

The Lord gave me life again. All of my troubles and misery I have brought to myself and to others, were associated with him. And Vladimir Vysotsky probably still alive, Many of my friends are already left this world.

* My wife Sarah is a Protestant, so we always go to the Cathedral for Christmas mass. Half of my family came from Spain, who served in the Navy, they were Catholic. So I feel great and in a Catholic Church, and the Orthodox. And my father was a Muslim, so I felt good in the mosque. And Buddhists I feel good.

Mikhail Shemyakin: "we are All funny actors in the theater of the Lord God"The artist with his wife in 2007.

* Who would play me in a movie? .. I had not thought of that. But Sarah says that johnny Depp would. My friend, a renowned New York doctor. And there is johnny Depp with long hair and in the cylinder from the film Burton’s “Charlie and the chocolate factory”.

* When we wander with Sarah on the Paris by night, I take off the garbage, crumbling walls, crumbling plaster. Then it all tracings. Get fantastic pictures. Always remember the words of the immortal Leonardo da Vinci, who said, “More peering into the dirty wall, there you will see those stories that you never dream of.”

– Usually, when a person ages, he begins to grumble. It seems that everything is bad, culture and morality in decline … Read the writers of the XVIII – XIX centuries, and sometimes more ancient, – they all believed that humanity is heading for the abyss. And I join this chorus. Of course, the world in which I lived in the 1960s in Leningrad, by the way, about the city itself, we always called Peter, of course, was different. We were young and saw rosy. But there were and depression. People were put in asylums, not only because they left, many actually suffered from depression. It was gray, damp – all the letter “C”. On the other hand.

* I am not in a jingoistic society, but was just amazed that many modern students do not even know their art, Russian. To such an extent that they had Leonid Utesov, Claudia Shulzhenko, mark Bernes! My friend Vysotsky and I loved it.

Mikhail Shemyakin: "we are All funny actors in the theater of the Lord God"Mikhail Shemyakin during the exhibition in memory of Vladimir Vysotsky, November 2011.

* Today revolve around the art not hundreds of millions, and billions. And where the big money is not very clean. This is a very complex business transformations. Auctions, where used to be artists, now they announce. The chosen artist can declare any art thing. This trick will probably never take root in Russian territory.

* Recently, Govorukhin said, all evil from intelligentsia. He would have to repeat the words of comrade Lenin, that the intelligentsia is not the brain of the nation and its g … but, and would fall to Lenin stream.

* You need to understand that revolution, but the blood, gave us at first a lot of new, avant-garde. If, in fact, was born a new society, and each birth is accompanied by pain. The other day I came across a very interesting phrase: “If not a revolution, then we would not be here”, it very well reflects my thoughts.

Mikhail Shemyakin: "we are All funny actors in the theater of the Lord God"Monument to Peter I by Mikhail Shemyakin.

* Thanks to the fait accomplishment of the revolution. If not for her, but today I might not have in my pocket a volume of Brodsky. Do not forget that many of the greatest representatives of Russian science, art and literature – the Jews. And had the opportunity to create, to invent and to open new horizons thanks to the October revolution. And there is a possibility that if everything was “as it was”, in the person of Joseph Brodsky we would have today a good cobbler or tailor.

We are all born under the Soviet regime. As if we did not want to get rid of it. I do not think it is shameful. We are accustomed to think in a different way, different perspective on life, learned to adapt and survive under any conditions. The Soviet power of us to many things taught. And I personally owe her a lot and remain grateful for many things.

* I was in the Soviet time has been through a lot: compulsory treatment in mental hospitals, searches, arrests, expulsion. But, nevertheless, I understand that at the time of writing, it’s forever, great, great, and I love the country and its people. To be angry is for the weak minded.

Mikhail Shemyakin: "we are All funny actors in the theater of the Lord God"1995 Artist Mikhail Shemyakin and his sculptural composition "Mascara" at the exhibition in Lavrushinsky lane. PHOTO Morkovkin Anatoly / Fotokhronika TASS

* I lived for 30 years in America. In it I’m not disappointed to this day. I have traveled halfway around the world and I can not say that the country is close to the Russians. The American people – hard-working, energetic, having little to do with “ruling elite”.

* Russia – a special destiny and art of Russia – the fate of extraordinary. I firmly believe in the Holy Trinity, and, therefore, share the story of Russian art in three theological units – three phenomenon. Two of them have already happened. The first phenomenon – the Russian icon-painting. The second Russian avant-garde, and the future, the third (when it comes not know) is picking up stones, creating something unprecedented, serious and metaphysical, which will show new ways of development of art in the world.

* We are all funny actors in the theater of God. Sometimes theater, sometimes comic, sometimes tragic, sometimes absurd, after which even Ionesco – just a realist, as the Czechs!


Mikhail Shemyakin was born in Moscow in 1943. He spent his childhood with his parents in East Germany, where his father served. In 1956, the family returned to the Soviet Union, and Mikhail entered the secondary art school at the Leningrad Institute of Painting, sculpture and architecture named I. E. Repin. After a few years he was excluded “for failing norms of socialist realism”. Switched jobs – was a postman and the doorman and scaffolder at the Hermitage. Art of, of course, left for him mostly, he talked a lot with artists and intellectuals. The Soviet authorities, KGB and the Union of artists, Shemyakin was even forcibly sent to treatment in a psychiatric hospital, and in 1971 he was expelled from the Soviet Union. Lived in France, then moved to the USA and then returned to France – as he says himself, “to be closer to Russia, where I work, teach, organize science exhibitions.”

The ex-wife of Timothy became a Muse of Bella Potemkina

The ex-wife of Timothy became a Muse of Bella PotemkinaTimothy is very friendly with her ex-lover

Four years ago, Timothy and his common-law wife of the second Vice-miss Russia 2012 Alena Shishkova born daughter Alice.

However, despite the appearance of a baby.

Timothy now found another beauty – the first Vice-miss Russia 2014 by Anastasia Reshetova. Alena Shishkova is also his own personal life. But the former spouses unites daughter Alice, so Timothy is very friendly with her ex-lover.

After parting with Timothy, Allen continues to work as a model.

The ex-wife of Timothy became a Muse of Bella PotemkinaPhoto: Archive Of Bella Potemkina

On the eve of the school prom designer Bella Potemkin spent shooting a new lookbook featuring model Alena Shishkova.

– For me Alena Shishkova is the epitome of femininity and sophistication, beauty, tenderness and grace. Bella Potemkina. It was not just that she was the Muse of my new lookbook-recognized Bella Potemkina.

The collection of dresses Potemkina, judging by the photos, delicate and airy, bright and uncluttered.

The ex-wife of Timothy became a Muse of Bella Potemkina

Photo: Archive Of Bella Potemkina

Most of the models are presented with textured fabric with an oversized roses.

The color palette includes a lot of ottenkov: Ludowy, pale pink, lemon, red, Burgundy, goluby and powdery.

Dress are presented in different models. Maxi, MIDI and mini, therefore, according to Potemkina, every girl can easily pick up an outfit for your festive events.

Vin Diesel revealed the location of the shooting of the new “Fast and the Furious”

Vin Diesel revealed the location of the shooting of the new "Fast and the Furious"Actor Vin Diesel. Photo: VinDiesel

Vin Diesel revealed the location of the shooting of the new "Fast and the Furious"

Hollywood actor Vin Diesel told details about the shooting of the ninth and tenth parts of the franchise "Fast and the Furious". The heroes of the famous film, he said, will go to Africa.

According to Vin Diesel, shooting new parts "Fast and the Furious" will be directed by Justin Lin, who worked earlier on the four episodes of the picture. In the interview Screen Rant actor reported that he confirmed the intention to continue shooting "Fast and the Furious".

Vin Diesel intrigued fans, hinting that the characters of the film this time will go to Africa.

"I can tell you that we have not been to Africa yet. And we are already ripe", – said the artist.

More details on the story, he refused to speak. According to producer Neil Moritz, the next two parts will be the last.

Previously, Vin Diesel was recognized as the most cash actor in 2017.