Performer of the role of John Snow complained of endless harassment

31-year-old English theater, movie and TV actor Keith Harington – King of the North John Snow from "The game of thrones", spoke in the sense that sex terror in the entertainment industry, to which he has the most direct and important attitude, is an institution that is permanent.

The words "The King" leads The Sydney Morning Herald.

As Harington’s polishinite, harassment in this business is generally everywhere. And he, of course, is very upset and worried about all the information that emerged over the past six months, but not surprised at all. Because, like practically everything in the industry, the situation is well-informed. "Most actors always knew about the problem, because people in the industry all the time hear some stories about it", – says Keith.

But the problem was kept secret, because "people were difficult to take and openly tell about it", – the brave "Snow".

Adding that the scandal that rose, primarily in the US, auknulsya and in Britain. After all, Kevin Spacey – recalled the actor – for many years was the artistic director of the oldest theater in London "Old Vic". Where, as it turned out, in general, the devil did the worst.

And not only in Spacey business: "In the British theater for many years there is such a problem. This is what happens all the time, and not just in the States. It’s everywhere", – the artist sorrow.

Recall. Previously "John" already complained of sexism in the industry.

Meanwhile, the date of the premiere of the eighth, the final GOT season is still not named.

The first reaction to the “War of Infinity”: the film is called a masterpiece

The first reaction to the "War of Infinity": the film is called a masterpieceOn the photo: Shot from the film "Avengers: War of Infinity"

In Hollywood the solemn premiere of the film “The Avengers: The War of Infinity” was held. The lucky ones, who saw the film as the first, beat in hysterical delight. The picture is called a “masterpiece”, writes Digital Spy.

The world premiere took place yesterday, April 23, in Los Angeles. After the show in social networks, of course, there were first comments. Eyewitnesses with might and main write about “heart failure” and “sagging jaw”.

For example, the post of Kevin Smith: “I’m full of emotions. This is the most epic spectacle of all that I have seen. My legs are still trembling. This is a great masterpiece. So much I want to say, but I will remain silent until Monday, so as not to spoil it. I will only say that it will be a very pre-Christmas year in anticipation of the “Avengers 4”. “

Actor Mike Sorrentino’s post: “” Infinity War “is Marvel’s biggest soap opera. And it’s not bad. It is more like a continuation of the “Guardians of the galaxy.”

And here’s what reviewer Peter Shiretta from Slash Film writes: “The” Infinity War “is all that you want, and nothing that you expect. It’s funny, surprising, gloomy, filled with a delightful interaction between the characters, which was never on the screen before. “

And more examples of several posts:

“This is a sight. Great. Greater than anyone is ready to imagine. And this is an absolute roller coaster. “

“It’s grim. Fun. Heavy. Exciting. “The War of Infinity” is different from anything we’ve seen before. “

“Really funny jokes, real emotions and the absolute winnings from the decade-long plotting and character development, an ingenious action and the ending that left my jaw on the floor.”

“The last minute of the film is a heart failure. I can not wait for the fourth part. Winning again for Marvel “(apparently, it means the competition with DC. – Note. Ed.).

Directors Russo brothers have published on Twitter a request not to disclose details of the plot in the coming months so that all fans could get an equal experience, unspoiled by the spoiler.

“Avengers: The War of Infinity” are released on April 26.

Chloe Zhao will put a western about the first black marshal

Chloe Zhao will put a western about the first black marshalBass Reeves in the TV series “Beyond Time”

Amazon Studio acquired the rights to produce and display an unnamed biographical western about the first black marshal of the USA Basset Reeves. Chloe Zhao (“Rider”) will write a screenplay of the picture and take the director’s chair of the project.

The tape will tell about Bass Reeves, one of the greatest American ministers of the law, nicknamed the Invisible Marshal.

Reeves was born in Arkansas to a slave family in 1938. At the age of 17, tired of the bullying of the plantation owner, he fled and for several years lived on the territory of Indian reserves, where he was engaged in farming and trained in the mastery of cold steel.

After the Civil War and the abolition of slavery, Reeves began a peaceful life, until the local sheriff invited him to take care of the criminals hiding in the Indian reservations, so familiar to the former slave. Reeves agreed, and, according to the legends, the robber of the Stevenson train died first from the hand of the dark-skinned deputy marshal.

In total, in his 32-year career, Reeves arrested more than 3,000 criminals, only 14 were killed as a result of self-defense. Among the criminal elements, Reeves was called “the black devil who imagines himself a god.”

Some experts believe that the famous hero of adventure westerns Lonely ranger is largely inspired by the career of Reeves.

At the moment, the Zhao project has no name and exact release date.

Chloe Zhao debuted in full-length direction in 2015 with the picture “Songs that the brothers taught me”. In 2017, her second film, the drama “Rider”, was premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.

Star of the series “Smallville’s Secrets” Allison Mack arrested for selling women into slavery

Allison Mack, Known for the role of Chloe Sullivan in the series “Secrets of Smallville”, arrested. The actress is accused of recruiting women for sexual slavery.

Star of the series "Smallville's Secrets" Allison Mack arrested for selling women into slavery

The charges against Ellison are related to the activities of the NXIVM organization. This company, according to the documents, specialized in helping women in their personal growth, but in fact NXIVM is a sect whose members were forced into sexual slavery.

Mack herself was an activist of this organization and the head of a daughter group, in which she urged women to lure new slaves. According to prosecutors, the sect acted according to the pyramid scheme – the slaves should serve not only their masters, but also the masters over them. At the head of this pyramid was 57-year-old Ranier – the only man in the organization, Ellison was his immediate deputy.

Ranier without any embarrassment enjoyed his “service” position – he had 15-20 sexual partners. They were not allowed to discuss their relationship with the leader or have a relationship with anyone else. On all members of the sect, the owners had “compromising evidence”, which served as a guarantee of their loyalty – provocative photos or property rights. Also the slaves were obliged to adhere to a low-calorie diet, they were starved if they did not correspond to the ideal of the master Ranier.

According to investigators, Allison Mack followed these rules. There is information that she even offered to put the slaves branded with the initials of Ranier.

The court ordered that Mack was further kept in custody. In case of her involvement in the activities of this organization, the actress faces up to 15 years of imprisonment.

On a thing forgotten like. “Donkey”, director Anatoly Vasilyev

On a thing forgotten like. "Donkey", director Anatoly Vasilyev

“Donkey”, director Anatoly Vasilyev

In connection with the screening of the film by Anatoly Vasiliev at the Moscow International Film Festival on April 24, we publish a review of Veronika Khlebnikova from 1/2 issue of the magazine "THE ART OF CINEMA" this year.


“A donkey”

Scriptwriter, director Anatoly Vasilyev

Operators Alexandra Kulak, Ruslan Fedotov, Salvatore Warbaro

Composer Giovanni Sollima

Trikita Entertainment AG



But being for the beast is infinite

And clean, like the space in front of him.

Rilke. “Duin Elegies”

In the film “The Donkey” of the theatrical director Anatoly Vasilyev, the possibility of updating the artistic form becomes the main story. Painting in format work in progress – laboratory work, is called an allegory. Digital cameras in the hands of Alexandra Kulak, Ruslan Fedotov and Salvatore Warbaro are a convenient and flexible tool for shooting animals, especially donkeys, creatures very mobile when they want. Moving the donkey in the frame and related objective difficulties make up the plot of each of the eight novels of the film, ascetic and yet tense, as it is almost impossible to achieve anything from the donkey by coercion. The donkey is not as obedient as the spectator, he avoids attempts to direct him to the direction, rests on all the limbs. And with special perseverance, one sits on the hind legs and does not want to be an allegory. To the existing novels of the “Donkey” Vasiliev intends to add others and bring the duration of the picture to twelve pieces against the current eight. At the same time, an open – fashionable – structure does not prevent the picture in its current version from looking like a classically finished product.

Allegory is one of the simple (in comparison with the metaphor) tropes, and the film is also arranged simply. The chronic image of donkeys indulging in their natural activities in their inherent rhythm is interrupted by black glueing with replicas from Pirandello, Aeschylus, Heiner Muller, Apuleius, but more often from Tonino Guerra, who found himself in philosophical lyrics. This violence over the image corresponds to the physical compulsion of the donkey in the frame and is subject to a certain rhythm. Replicas burst the mimicry for monotony and lengthy visual series. And sometimes they crash into an honest, in a good way, a long plan. The net duration on the screen is a little, more often it is skillfully imitated, but individual plan-episodes in their continuity pleases, like long fragments of films by Abhichphong Virasetakun. In the plays of Vasilyev, we remember, bursts of remarks, broken actor’s intonations.

It is not easy here, it seems, is the very subject of allegory. In the “Donkey” is not meant the foolish donkey stubbornness, priapic rudeness, civilization in the stall or any metamorphosis of the donkey in the consciousness of culture. Rather, the allegory here refers to the very identity of art, which is sought not by donkey ears, of course, but some new grounds, since the former have been worked out, including because of the overproduction of symbolic reality – the one where it is more expensive not to catch the image from the outside world, but to get a drop of life from a heap of signs, images, references and interpretations.

Anatoly Vasilyev conjugates in the “Donkey” the form and formless, inhuman reality of the animal. These are the heroes.

In the film, three visible forces are involved: a man, a donkey and a bridle between them. And many more images – invisible, external to the cinematographic fabric. These images, which do not require emergency visualization, come to life only by naming the donkeys, among them Pirandello, Ulysses and Sentence; in the names of the chapters-novels: “Bacchus”, “Medea”, “Exodus”; in intertitre-quotations.

The word is wedged into the image, updating the Kuleshov effect. We do not need to glue the head and ax, the symbolic reality is so strong that it’s enough to write on the screen: “Colchis”, “Corinth”, “Medea” – and the steps of the colt of donkey in the wasteland will turn into a tragic procession, and the cattle stalled half way up – the rebellious queen. The spectator of the “Donkey” is given a full opportunity and feel like an ass, brushing away texts that violate the slow animal rhythm, and correlate with cultural codes, chains of the genome “heroes-god-masks”.

If you wish, you can find an autobiographical context in the Osl. Anatoly Vasiliev in different years worked in the theater with lyrics of plays “Six characters in search of the author” Pirandello, “Medea. Material »Heiner Muller. The director, who did a lot for the resuscitation of the theater from ossified aesthetic codes and faded poetics, frees warm, shuddering donkey croup from the dead weight of words. Almost approaching the ontology of a thing forgotten under the “cultural layers”.

On a thing forgotten like. "Donkey", director Anatoly Vasilyev“A donkey”

The travesty of high-flown texts and a wordless creature leads to an unexpected effect. Reality resists naming, cramps literature, the donkey dislodges texts, “through us the silent beast looks calmly.”

The event of the play and play Medea. Material »Muller and Vasiliev was a liberation from civilization, her clothes thrown into the fire, acceptance of formlessness. From a play written without punctuation, sometimes even without gaps, a cinematography, among others, left the remark: “I would like to remain an animal which I was when a man still did not make me his wife.”

Medea looks back at the world where she is in a “barbarian” state, that is, she belongs to the natural world, to civilization, and her “desire” montage “coincides” with the resistance of the donkey, which refuses to go with the curly athlete. Even earlier, at the end of the first novel, Tonino Guerra’s verse unambiguously expresses the wish: “I would like words without communication, devoid of stories, to listen to people saying goodbye to the world, greeting the last”, as if Vasilyev himself would be glad not to let the form take place, to cure, to coincide with the certainty of values.

In its limit, the formality of the word is strengthened by the fact that it does not sound, but is enclosed in intertitles. Sounding speech is used in the second novel “Bacchus”, where in a vineyard a well-fed human child reads Italian from the cookbook of life with an effort, deliberately stammering, constantly turning “mincemeat” into a “farce” while the donkey-child revels in fresh grape leaves . Here in the morning (morning of civilization) everything is still innocent and ambivalent, it belongs as if to a children’s game.

In the fourth, conditionally “neo-realistic” short story “Palio”, filigree from the point of view of craft, a travestized sports commentary sounds. He accompanies carnival races on donkeys, filmed as an action-packed reportage of the “Formula” from the 60’s, when both car racing and reports were news. Carnival equates man and animal, the conflict seems to be removed.

In seven novels, donkeys are the protagonists of the non-reasoning being of matter, even when they are taken out of the habitual medium to the proscenium of the city-world-theater-word. But already in the eighth story, in the final “Exodus”, these are tiny symbols taken to the furthest level by the power of sophisticated human despotism – poetry.

In every story between man and donkey, a pantomime of violence and resistance is played out, which reflects the situation of the “realistic” and “symbolic” conflict in different types of text – from the chronicle on the farm to prayer, travestized, like a sports report. A worn out word is often worn out or comes to naught, when it comes into contact with a powerful spectacle of nothing but itself, which does not represent the ass of nature.

The donkey has already been a conductor of new art and a character, also, by the way, in search of the author – in Robert Bresson’s film “Naudachu, Balthasar.” For the first time the director did not order the animal to personify human virtues and vices. Unlike the “Metamorphosis” of Apuleius, where a man was hiding in the skin of a donkey, Bresson, and now Vasiliev under a donkey’s skin, has no other mystery other than a life that is not fed by allegories, but bunches of green that straighten out of the masonry of the amphitheater. Christian Bresson made Balthazar’s donkey a measure of things. The inhuman nature was a measure by which the baseness of a person’s soul was determined, first lost its angelic nature, and then lowered below the cattle.

On a thing forgotten like. "Donkey", director Anatoly Vasilyev“A donkey”

Vasiliev starts a multifaceted carnival of the human and animal at a time when any nature is replaced by rhetoric, a backup copy of being. A donkey, always coerced, A man who is always forcing, and a bridle between them are placed in the space of culture, become raw materials for the factory. This makes living beings and simple, understandable objects in allegory, metaphors and fiction. It transfers them from a single reality into the eternal world of the language, illuminated by the imagination, in order to examine in detail how the donkey and fiction, the epic and the drama interact. It is there that the “donkey stubbornness” flourishes, the “ears of King Midas” hang, the archetypal sadness of Eeyore flows over the thistle.

There you can be born at the same time as the ass of Pirandello and the character of Pirandello. Only there it is possible to free the donkey from the yoke of literature and if not return to Bresson, then erase what is called random features and see if the donkey is moving from the spot. To see where he delivers us, whether the allegory of freedom will turn into an allegory of captivity, where the person is and everything that he is capable of thinking is with him.

In the “Prayer to go to heaven with donkeys” by MaĆ®tre Zhamma, cited in one of the novella “Donkey”, the truth, in another translation, says:

I’ll take my cane, I’ll go the big way

And on the way to donkeys, my friends, I will say:

I’m called Jamm Francis, I’m going straight to heaven,

Then that the Lord does not have hell in the country.

Come to heaven with me, friends of azure days!

But we will go to the slaughterhouse.

In the “Asthenic Syndrome” by Kira Muratova, a documentary survey of a canine sniffer was completed by an intertitle: “People do not like to look at it. People do not like to think about this. This should not be related to talking about good and evil. “

In the Donkey there will be real-time death, a hook overturned by a dead muzzle carcass, and then a naked plowed field, along which one figure habitually chases the other, and an eternity will go so that the third figure of the four-footed, unsteadily, crossed the frame alone.

The film will swing into the ultimate symbolism, the distance of view will turn everything into silhouettes. The very conflict of the symbolic and the existential will seem to change, and the last “foray” of the word will seem a retreat – what is paradise? – no black background for the text, no identification, only sadness about the lost, forgotten, undying or insoluble, like a donkey that has ceased to be you. Or – a hypothetical paradise of a person, because with a man that is a paradise for an ass.

The renewal of the cinematographic form continues under the sign of the phenomenon of “postdok” (the term of Zarya Abdullayeva). In postdok, the proportions of the real and the imaginary, the objective and the subject fluctuate, they are impermanent, determined intuitively and each time unique. A whole is opposed to the definition of game / non-game. Although it is located in such a territory.

It is ridiculous to compare, however, another similar film of 2017, “Monkey, Ostrich and Grave” by artist Oleg Mavromatti with its unsteady, reflected conflict, is also arranged in the same way, the reliability of which is due to the extreme conventionality of direction. The monkey in Mavromatti’s painting is painted, but she is in an unquestionable relationship to our donkey, who became a victim of fiction in Vasilyev’s film and an agent of resistance.

Universal adapts the DOOM shooter

While some viewers are saddened by the closure of the horror series “Ash against the Evil Dead”, in gamers gave the hope that on the big screens of the planet there will be a new movie adaptation of the shooter DOOM.

According to Variety, the success of the restart of the cult game, released two years ago, contributed to the fact that the studio Universal Pictures took up the implementation of the next screen version.

The actress and singer poured the oil into the fire of the audience’s interest Nina Bergman, reported on Twitter that she had a role in the new tape for the universe. According to her, the shooting will take place in Bulgaria, and for the production will take “Super-cool director”. Bergman also assures that the new version will be better than the 2005 film with By Dwayne Johnson and Carl Urban, because the “The script is much better”.

Official information from Universal has not yet been received.

The first reaction to the film “The Avengers: The War of Infinity”: Epic and fun

“Avengers: The War of Infinity” – an incredibly large-scale blockbuster, capable, if not to sink, then properly spoil the status of the studio Marvel. Kevin Feigi and the brothers Joe and Anthony Russo took up an extremely ambitious and risky project. To collect in one film a huge mass of superheroes, to represent one of the main villains of the franchise and to keep the spectator interest for almost three hours – the task is truly titanic.

But judging by the first tip after the American premiere, Rousseau coped well with the mission entrusted to them. They made a smart, interesting and exciting movie. Of course, there are those who were not particularly impressed with the picture, but they are still in the minority.

That’s what the first spectators write.

Editor-in-chief of Playlist Rodrigo Perez notes that this time Marvel plays in large. The picture is much grimmer than usual, but it’s funny and entertaining. Thanos, according to the author, turned out to be terrifying and ruthless.

“Are there any problems? Continues Perez. – Undoubtedly. It’s a noisy blockbuster, but I enjoyed it – from start to finish. Especially I liked the dynamics within individual groups. We need a spin-off with Tor and Rocket. “

Does it have issues? Sure, it’s a punch fest, yeah, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the dynamics of all these disparate teamups. Let’s see a Thor and Rocket Racoon buddy comedy spin-off.

– Rodrigo Perez &# 127916;&# 128250;&# 127909; (@ YrOnlyHope) April 24, 2018

“I watched the” Infinity War “tonight and I can say that everything is fine there,” writes Molly Freeman, editor of the ScreenRant site. – A lot of cool moments between the characters, interesting action scenes (Tor’s power, Iron Man’s suit) and a few really emotional episodes. Most of the humor is good, and Captain America is just a bomb. “

I saw #AvengersInfinityWar earlier tonight and I can say that it delivers. There‘S a lot of really fun character interactions, some cool action moments (Thor’s powers, Iron Man’s suit), and a few powerful emotional beats. Most of the humor is &# 128076;&# 127995; Also Captain America is &# 128165;

– Molly Freeman (@mollyrockit) April 24, 2018

According to Tasha Robinson, “War of Infinity” – “The First Avenger: Confrontation” multiplied by twenty, only without fights between superheroes. “It seems to me that people who liked the scene at the airport in the” Confrontation “will be delighted with the new film, but others will be 20 times more boring.”

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is basically CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR times 20, except with less hero-on-hero fighting. I think people who at the same time, the CIVIL WAR as I did not go nuts for this film, and people who were bored. #InfinityWar

– Tasha Robinson (@TashaRobinson) April 24, 2018

“While watching the War of Infinity, I laughed, cried or cried throughout the film,” writes Joshua Yale, senior editor of IGN. “Not for a minute.” While the titles were going on, I, shocked, sat in the armchair, sobbing and speechless. “

#AvengersInfinityWar pretty much had me laughing, screaming, or crying the whole way through. It never lets up. I sat in my chair stunned as the credits rolled, speechless and sobbing.

– Joshua Yehl (@JoshuaYehl) April 24, 2018

“I. Shocked, “- slightly reacted to the” War of Infinity “Kelly Carter.

Christian Harloff of Collider believes that Thanos has just replaced Eric Killmonger of the “Black Panther” as the best villain in the crammed Marvel.

Wow! Marvel dropped all the rules, fists out and what a tornado !! #AvengersInfinityWar was a blast and Thanos just dethroned Killmonger as the champion of villains.

– Kristian Harloff (@KristianHarloff) April 24, 2018

“The War of Infinity” is now my second favorite Marvel film after the Black Panther, “writes Nigel M. Smith, editor of the People website. – The relationship between superheroes is always pleasing and surprising. The action is monumental. And this time it all matters. Kevin Feigi does not knit brooms. “

#AvengersInfinityWar is my second fave @Marvel movie after #BlackPanther. The superhero interplay is hilarious and surprising at every turn. The action is monumental. And there are actual stakes of this time around. Kevin Feige is not f-cking around with this one.

– Nigel M. Smith (@nigelmfs) April 24, 2018

“The War of Infinity” is the closest thing to Paul Thomas Anderson’s movie from everything that’s in the Marvel cable car, “says Robey Obayas.

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is very weighty and juggles most of its characters with consideration. It’s the closest thing to a Paul Thomas Anderson movie you’ll find in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I Am Shook! #Marvel #AvengersInfinityWar

– Rudie Obias (@RudieObias) April 24, 2018

“For 10 years we watched these characters, and yes, the” War of Infinity “is unsettling, – says Perry Nemiroff from Collider. – Humor, stakes and a staggering amount of emotion. The Rousseau brothers perfectly distributed the screen time between the characters, but for me the guards remain the main ones. “

After 10 years of investment in this series & these characters, boy does #AvengersInfinityWar knock you on your ass. Humor, sky high stakes & a truly overwhelming amount of emotion in it. Russos did a great job spreading the screen time for the ensemble but my MVPs – The Guardians.

– Perri Nemiroff (@PNemiroff) April 24, 2018

According to Stephen Weintraub, his jaw was on the floor during the viewing, and the Rousseau brothers did the impossible.

Jaw on ground. You are not ready for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. All you have to know is AVOID ALL SPOILERS! Seriously. Go in knowing as little as possible. The @Russo_Brothers did the impossible. Wow.

– Steven Weintraub (@colliderfrosty) April 24, 2018

Mike Ryan from the site Uproxx honestly admits that the film does have a dozen amazing moments, but the author did not leave the feeling that he was watching only half of the film.

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR has like ten legit “chill down the spine” great moments. But it’s for sure the first half of a two part movie and I left a little unsatisfied / frustrated, maybe by design.

– Mike Ryan (@mikeryan) April 24, 2018

Matt Singer from the ScreenCrush site writes: “The War of Infinity” is a film version of a large-scale comic-crossover, only better (the relationship between the characters) and worse (everything revolves around the Infinite Gems). “

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR: A movie version of a massive comic-book crossover, for better (fun character interactions) and worse (it’s pretty much all Infinity Stone shenanigans). YMMV. #avengersinfinitywar

– Matt Singer (@ mattsinger) April 24, 2018

Angie J. Khan was not particularly impressed with the film, and she believes that “War of Infinity” is a step back after “The Guardians of Galaxy 2”, “Return Home”, “Tora 3” and “Black Panther”.

#AvengersInfinityWar: some truly thrilling moments, feels like less than the sum of its parts. A definite step down after that epic run of GotGV2 / Spidey / Thor 3 / Black Panther, but what else did I expect?

– Angie J. Han (@ajhan) April 24, 2018

Writers of “Deadpool” will produce a series for YouTube

Writers of "Deadpool" will produce a series for YouTubeRhett Reese and Paul Wernick / Photo: Getty Images

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, screenwriters for Deadpool and Welcome to Zombiland, will act as executive producers for the comedy action series Wayne (Wayne). The project for YouTube Red is being developed by Sean Simmons.

The protagonist of the series – 15-year-old Wayne in the performance of Mark McKenna (“Sing Street”). In the company of the girl Del (Siera Bravo), in which he is secretly in love, Wayne goes on a motorcycle in search of “Pontiac” Trans Am 1978, owned by his father. At the end of a harsh, and sometimes rather bloody, journey Wayne hopes to return the stolen car.

One of the roles in the series will be played by Joshua J. Williams (“Madbaund Farm”).

Together with Reese and Wernicke, the series is produced by Greg Coolidge and Kirk Ward. Ian B. MacDonald (“Episode”) has put the pilot series.

The premiere of the 10-series project will take place on the stream-service YouTube Red in 2018.