Artists, for which it is worth to go to Sziget 2018

The music festival Sziget is known not only for artists who perform on an island in the middle of the Danube, but also a special atmosphere. Every year hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world come here, turning into one big musical family. Ljubljat on Sziget and the Ukrainian actors – this year here will act ONUKA, 5’Nizza and Kadnay. world stars, for which it is worth to go to "Liberty Island" this year.

Hip-hop musician Kendrick Lamar called "the new king of the West Coast", he already has seven figurines "Grammy", and in April this year he did receive the Pulitzer Prize, becoming the winner in the category "Music". The jury noted that the album reflects the modern life of African-Americans, combining poetry, hip-hop, lyrics and funk. Lamar’s texts often raise issues of social injustice. For example, in the last track of the album To Pimp a Butterfly he interviews his idol Tupac Shakur, arguing about the cruelty of the music world.

Artists, for which it is worth to go to Sziget 2018Kendrick Lamar

Star Lana Del Rey really lit in 2012 after the release of the album Born to die. The singer loves retro style and skillfully enters it into her stage images. In the early years of active tours, she was often accused of squeezing and uncertainty on the stage, but the performance at the Coachella festival in 2014 was a turning point for Del Rey, who often admitted love to work in the studio. Today, she confidently keeps the fans’ stadiums busy, fascinating everyone with her magical vocals.

Artists, for which it is worth to go to Sziget 2018

Lana Del Rey

Five years old fans of British rockers were waiting for their new album. On May 11, Hour X came – the sixth studio work called Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino was officially presented. New songs of Arctic Monkeys will be performed on Sziget, and fans in turn are ready to sing with them in full voice Do I wanna know or R U Mine?

Artists, for which it is worth to go to Sziget 2018Arctic Monkeys

British singer Dua Lipa, who recently performed in Kiev for the Champions League final, will give a full concert in Budapest. Her first full album was released less than a year ago, and she already received five BritAwards figurines. In addition, the single New Rules managed to reach the first place in the UK, and Dua Lipa became the first singer in two years, which managed to take this position. Prior to this in 2015, it turned out in Adele.

Artists, for which it is worth to go to Sziget 2018

Dua Lipa

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