Anna Sedokova: Ex-husband said in court that I was dangerous for his daughter, and wants to take away my parental rights!

Anna Sedokova: Ex-husband said in court that I was dangerous for his daughter, and wants to take away my parental rights!Anna is forced to speak more to pay lawyers.

The singer and mother of three children Anna Sedokova is in trouble. Former husband of the artist, the businessman and ex-member of the TV show “the Bachelor” Maxim Cherniavsky filed for Anna suit. According to Sedokova, the ex-spouse demands to deprive her of maternal rights. Since their 6-year-old daughter, Monica was born in America (she is a US citizen and lives there with his father and his relatives), the trial takes place in the States. Cherniavsky can be briefly formulated as follows: “She’s a singer, a lot of touring, I have more time to engage the child.” In addition, the businessman said that Anna could take her to Russia and not return.

“For us, all the time watching the warden”

– Anya, more recently, in social networks, Maxim thank you for what you gave birth to his beautiful daughter. Why he has now decided to sue?

– Every day I seek the answer to this question and do not find. I do not understand why. For nine months I’m trying to survive, to fight, do not lose heart. To study law, constantly interact with lawyers, spend in America, they are tens of thousands of dollars, working around the clock. We have never had problems with her ex-husband, I am the child of divorced parents and know the pain. I have always been for communication with the daughter of the Pope, demanded nothing, and sincerely believed.

– When everything is changed?

– In August of the last year, without my presence, the court held, where the grandmother of Maxim is testified against me. Maxim demanded in court, so I met with the child only in the presence of the warden. And the court supported him.

The singer, despite the difficulties, regularly flies from Russia to her daughter in America. But, alas, there for them always walk around the warden.

– In a few weeks I should warn and call a meeting. Then the supervisor takes the child by the husband’s family and leads a daughter to me, “said Sedokova. – The warden around all the time. Records everything that we do. Even sleeps next to me, walks with us to the toilet.

– Brother and sister Monica speaks?

– My lawyers got me a chance to talk to her daughter on the phone. So every morning I have to call grandma my ex-husband and asked to call the phone Monica. Together we are going to school on Skype, play and study music. I did not speak, and pretend that all is well. Saying that she’s madly in love, trying to show my brother and sister. Hector (he year) loves Monica, but he had not seen her in the nine months. During this time the son began to walk, to speak.

“A huge pain for many moms”

– Why have you decided just now to tell about the problem?

– I was afraid all this time. But one day. And when she spoke, it turned out that it’s a huge pain for thousands of parents. For moms who for years do not see their children because of judicial system or money of the other party. So we, along with the lawyers were organized by the Fund “children’s Rights”. It is a nonprofit organization that protects the rights of children caught in the middle of the conflict parents. We will help moms and dads resolve disputes through the world. For this we create groups in social networks, where all can share experience, knowledge and legal assistance.

I will do my best to make sure my daughter was happy with her and dad. After all, this is important. Not the ambition of parents and their relatives, and the happiness of children.

Anna Sedokova: Ex-husband said in court that I was dangerous for his daughter, and wants to take away my parental rights!Monica loves her father, but misses her mother very much.


At 35 Anna has already become a large mum. First husband of the singer was a football player of Kiev “Dynamo” Valentin Belkevich. In this marriage, Anya’s daughter, Alina (a girl now 13 years old). Belkevich died four years ago. After the death of the former husband, Anna had to fight with his widow over the estate of his daughter.

Second husband singer – businessman Maxim Cherniavsky. After the birth of her daughter Monica, they are part of a friendly relationship.

Hector Sedokova not yet called. The couple broke up, but maintained a normal relationship: both parents took an active part in the upbringing of his son.


The situation is not the winning, but the odds are

– The position of the Anna Sedokova, it’s not the winning, – said the lawyer Kirill Gogolev. – The decision of the court in the custody of her daughter has taken place and was not in her favor. Now Anna will have to communicate with her daughter in accordance with the statutory regulations of a particular state. To fix this, it is necessary to challenge. This would be not very easy, as the proceedings will be held in a foreign country. The situation would be quite difficult, if a former spouse of Anna was a U.S. citizen. The American Themis in 90 percent of cases stands on the side of the representative of his country. But because Maxim is a citizen of Ukraine, Anna has a chance to compete. I hope that she will succeed.

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