Anna Netrebko commented on the rumors about her pregnancy

Anna Netrebko commented on the rumors about her pregnancy

Opera diva Anna Netrebko reached out to the fans with a request to stop talking about her interesting position. Recently users have a rounded belly.

Anna Netrebko with her husband and son lives in Vienna. Now in Austria the weather is good, so the artist spends a lot of time on the street and arranges for his son.

Anna is very fond of his heir to Thiago and all free time spends with the boy. The other day is a picture in which walks along with Thiago and enjoys ice cream. “After school in the Park”, signed photograph of Anna.

Fans are aware of the actress’s pregnancy. Note that for the last six months, Anna is not the first time.

Netrebko herself hastened to comment on the rumors about her pregnancy. According to the artist, the effect of abs was due to the wind. “Friends! We will not call the shift dress, swollen by the wind, pregnancy!”, The photo shows it “bulging” sideways and up as if my Breasts are hanging to the navel … Sexy! ” – said fans Anna.

Recall that in early April, Anne’s family was in a bad situation. Netrebko went along with her husband Yusif Eyvazov, and son, Thiago on the musical “Aladdin” in one of the theaters in London, but the family had to leave the theater, as tickets for their meta has been sold twice.

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