American designers presented “bare” jeans

American clothing brand Carmar introduced jeans Extreme cut out jeans (“jeans with extreme cutouts”). Leaving the classic model in a literal sense, some seams, designers asked for $ 168, CBSNews reported.

On the pants are cut holes exactly at the seams, so that the girls’ legs remain naked. From the classical model there were only the upper part of the trousers – the belt, the zipper and the pockets, and the overall contours of the pants – the seams and strips on the knees. Wear it advise with body.

The description says that jeans are sewn in Los Angeles from 100% cotton. The cost of trousers will be from 168 dollars (about 10 thousand rubles).

In Moscow, the exhibition “jeans as a cult.” The exposition represents the world’s largest collection of vintage Soviet-era jeans. She was going for more than 20 years. In the Pomegranate yard, things were represented by legendary people: Diana Arbenina’s jacket is next to Vladimir Medinsky’s trousers, and Nikita Mikhalkov’s trousers are with jeans clothes by Ilya Lagutenko, Zemfira and Patricia Kaas.

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