Alla Pugacheva has opened its secrets to Oleg Menshikov

Alla Pugacheva has opened its secrets to Oleg Menshikov// Photo: Instagram; Ekaterina Tsvetkova / PhotoXPress.En

Recently, Alla Pugacheva rarely gives interviews and appears at public events. The more valuable each output of the prima Donna of the Russian platform in the light. Recently, the celebrity has agreed to be the new heroine YouTube-show the Director of the Yermolova Theater of Oleg Menshikov.

To record an interview with Alla came to the theater. Tickets for a meeting with a living legend scattered in the short term, with the high cost – from 7 to 20 thousand rubles. To see a star live are only 79 people, a larger number of guests the site has not been calculated.

Waiting Pugacheva is gathered its most loyal fans and journalists. Fans wanted an autograph and a picture of her.

Alla Pugacheva has opened its secrets to Oleg Menshikov

Alla willingly gave autographs to everyone

When Alla came to cultural institutions, it was met by Oleg Menshikov. The celebrity did not change the beloved black color was chosen for the release of the dark dress. Pugacheva complements your look a stylish pendant and a miniature clutch bag with chain over the shoulder. Diva was in a good mood and willingly posed for photographers. The fans of the stars brought it for the posters and cover plates. The singer was gladly talked with everyone.

Alla Pugacheva has opened its secrets to Oleg MenshikovOleg Menshikov has personally met an important guest // Photo: Instagram

Guests of the evening were forbidden to remove, as Alla Pugacheva speaks with the Director of the Yermolova Theater. Issue with the participation of the singer will appear in the Network YouTube-channel “OM Oleg Menshikov”. Previous guest actor was Danila Kozlovsky. Conversation with the artist lasted more than an hour and won about 388 thousand views. Social media users are asked Menshikov to invite the transfer of Konstantin Khabensky and Sergei Shnurov.

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We will remind you that not so long ago Alla Pugacheva performed at the Kremlin. He was 60 years old, so he staged a big concert with many stars of show business. Alla Borisovna appeared before the audience in a white dress with a bold lettering and a dark coat. In addition to the prima Donna of the Russian stage, his songs are pleased with the audience with Valeria, Stas Mikhailov, Christina Aguilera, Natasha Koroleva, Philip Kirkorov, Grigory Leps and many others.

Previously Alla unexpectedly sang in the VIII St. Petersburg International Legal Forum. The star was greeted with a thunderous applause. Pugacheva sang such favorite songs as “Million scarlet roses”, “Candle burned on the table,” and “Love like sleep”. Alla Pugacheva twirled across the dance floor with strangers in Saint-Petersburg

Alla Pugacheva has opened its secrets to Oleg MenshikovAlla Pugacheva communicates with Oleg Menshikov // Photo: Instagram

Alla Pugacheva has opened its secrets to Oleg Menshikov

Very soon an interview with Alla Borisovna will put on YouTube

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