Alexandra Dovgan: “All who have passed are already winners”

Alexandra Dovgan: "All who have passed are already winners"

Alexandra Dovgan

Alexandra Dovgan, the youngest Grand Piano participant Competition, an impressive support group.

About what the atmosphere reigns behind the scenes, and what pianist’s favorite subjects in school, she shared in her interview.

– Sasha, you participate in various competitions every year. What do you think they need a musician for?

– I think that the jury will hear and appreciate you. This is a good experience. Still, of course, it’s always nice to get a prize to mark your performance.

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– Mendelssohn’s concert brought you victory on the Nutcracker, which is why you decided to perform it in the final Grand Piano Competition?

“Not really.” I just really like this concert. He’s one of my favorites.

– Now you compete with fourteen young pianists. Tell us, what atmosphere reigns in communication between the contestants? Did you manage to make friends with someone?

– I already knew Eva Gevorgyan, I know Seryozha Davydchenko, Valentina Malinina. At this competition a very friendly atmosphere, because all who passed – already the winners.

– You are currently studying at the Central Music School. How does such a large number of competitions and tours affect your studies?

– I did not go to school a month before the contest, I had to do a lot. Before that, everything was in time: to go to the specialty, and to other lessons.

– Do you have any favorite subjects not related to music in school?

– I like German, math and physical education from general subjects.

– Is support for the contest important to you?

– Yes, my parents, the teacher, my younger brother and the whole class of Mira Alexeevna support me. All her students are sick for me, and for Valentina Malinina. We have a very friendly class, we support each other at every contest, we come to auditions.

– This is a wonderful tradition! We wish you good luck!

– Thank you.

Alexandra Dovgan was born in 2007, from the age of 5 she is studying piano, a student of the Central Music School of the Moscow Conservatory (Mira Marchenko class).

The winner of the online competition Villahermosa (Mexico, 2014), the IX Urals International Prokofiev Competition (Yekaterinburg, 2015), the XI International Junior Safonov Competition (Pyatigorsk, 2015), the 1st All-Russian Internet Competition “Musical Talents” (Moscow, 2015), XIII International Competition of Young Musicians in the nomination “Piano” (Moscow, 2016), the XVIII International television contest “The Nutcracker” (Moscow, 2017). Laureate of the II Prize of the Moscow International Pianists Contest Vladimir Krainev (Moscow, 2017), IV International Competition Astana Piano Passion (2017). The owner of a special prize from Yamaha.

He participates in international festivals, tours in Russia and abroad. Scholarship holder Vladimir Spivakov, Mstislav Rostropovich, the fund “New Names”.

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Interviewed by Natalya Poddubnyak

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