Alexander Egorov held a meeting with the judges of the Premier League

Head of the Department of Judging and Inspection of the RFU Alexander Egorov held a meeting on April 25 with the main arbitrators serving the Premier League matches.

With a salutatory word to the participants of the meeting, Acting President of the RFU Alexander Alaev addressed. He wished the arbitrators to work hard and confidently on the matches of the final rounds of the championship, and also promised to give the judges all-round support.

After that, the referees began discussing issues related to work in the Premier League matches, and the analysis of controversial episodes from the last meetings of the championship.

“For the present there is excitement, in fact still recently sat with arbitrators shoulder to shoulder, and now I sit opposite as the head. We had a good talk, decided organizational issues, I expressed my wishes and listened to the guys.

In addition, we looked at the controversial points from the last matches of the Premier League, and sorted out the mistakes. In the end of the championship we are waiting for complex games, agreed with the arbitrators that we will rally and work.

It is important to understand that the error error is different. You can incorrectly show the out, but you can make a fateful decision, undeservedly removing the player or appointing an erroneous penalty, “- summed up the meeting Egorov.

Alexander Egorov held a meeting with the judges of the Premier LeaguePhoto: official website of the RFU

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