Again plagiarism! Kim Kardashian stole another’s bottle for her spirits!

Again plagiarism! Kim Kardashian stole another's bottle for her spirits!

Kim Kardashian (37) announced in Instagram about the launch of a new fragrance KKW Body, which will be on sale as early as April 30. Fans of the star, of course, look forward to this perfume and guess what it will be like. And in the advertising of new items Kim used her own body and even a perfume bottle made in her own forms.

And this idea is not new! It is these bottles that the Jean Paul Gaultier brand produces since 1993, and now more than 80 flavors have been released in iconic bottles with the body in the brand’s arsenal! Fans of the star did not like that Kim copied someone else’s idea. “It is not good to steal from others,” they complained. – You have to invent something of your own, original. And Jean Paul Gaultier’s packaging is better! “” There was something like that for Nika Minaj, “others noted.

By the way, some noticed a similarity with a bottle of syrup for Mrs. pancakes Butterworth‘S.

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