A resident of India passed away while watching the “War of Infinity”

A resident of India passed away while watching the "War of Infinity"

“Avengers: The War of Infinity”

According to the newspaper Times of India, 43-year-old Peddapasupula Baash, who worked as a bricklayer at the construction site, died while watching the blockbuster studio Marvel “The Avengers: War of Infinity” at the Cinehub Multiplex Cinema, in the city of Proddatur, Andhra Pradesh.

The body of the deceased employees of the cinema was discovered only after the end of the session. Workers of the cinema for a long time thought that the visitor is waiting for the scene after the credits. When the credits were over, but Baasha remained sitting, he was removed from his glasses and found out that the man had died.

According to the preliminary police report, the man died a natural death. Nevertheless, the investigation continues.

“War of Infinity” was launched in India, as in almost the rest of the world, on April 27. At the moment, the blockbuster studio Marvel collected in the world’s rental of 857 million dollars.

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