6 main resorts in Turkey: guide

6 main resorts in Turkey: guide


6 main resorts in Turkey: guide

Alanya – a democratic resort, if not cheap. For recreation with children it is necessary to choose the region of Avsallar, built up mainly by four- and five-star hotels. The undoubted advantage is the fine sand of the beaches of Avsallar. A good option for a relaxing holiday – surrounded by banana groves of Mahmutlar, but the beaches there are less comfortable for children’s feet. You can look at the hotels in environmentally friendly Ingekum. For those who are looking for a round-the-clock get-togethers and low prices, the city hotels of Alanya itself or the hotels of Obagel are best suited.

The road to any hotel in Alanya from Antalya Airport takes at least one and a half to two hours – it is especially important to take this into account when traveling with young children.


6 main resorts in Turkey: guide

Prices for vacation in Belek are significantly higher than in Antalya and Kemer, but demand remains high. The advantages of the resort are clean beaches (Belek accounts for the lion’s share of Antalya’s “blue flags”), club hotels (all five-star hotels), a quiet atmosphere. Bezbashennoy club-bar youth here, as a rule, nothing to do, but Belek appreciate the worth of families with children, as well as fans of spa treatments, golf and horse riding. The beaches of the coast are mostly sandy, so it’s a pleasure to go into the water. But at the very shore can be a small pebble, so the hotel for rest with children should be chosen carefully.

From the bus station of Antalya, you can get to Belek in half an hour. The road from Antalya airport to the hotel will take a little longer.


6 main resorts in Turkey: guide

The choice of hotels with very different prices and the number of stars is very large, and it is not necessary to rely on “all inclusive” – ​​restaurants and shops are abundant. But the popularity of the resort and the development of infrastructure have their drawbacks: Antalya is a noisy place. The hotel right in the city should be chosen only by the youth companies without special claims: there would be discos and clubs nearby, and overflowing of the municipal beach is the tenth thing. For those who want relative peace and clean hotel beaches (for example, families with children), it is better to take a closer look at the nearest neighborhoods of Antalya – for example, the increasingly popular suburb of Lara, where more than a dozen five-star complexes are located. However, guests of some Lara hotels complain about the noise from the aircraft landing on this part of the coast.

Any of the hotels in this resort can be reached from the airport in less than an hour.


6 main resorts in Turkey: guide

The resort is quite suitable for recreation with children: mostly families choose a cheerful Tekirova or calm Kirish, but with a child you can go to the picturesque Goynuk or the lively Beldibi. The beaches are pebbled along the coast (thanks to which the water remains transparent), but many hotels have brought loose sand. Small pebbles are not the most comfortable surface, it is uncomfortable to walk along it in the sea, especially for children, so it’s worth asking beforehand if there is sand on the hotel beach. Active youth, like in Antalya, prefer hotels in Kemer – a vibrant night life and an abundance of bars do their thing.

Get from Antalya airport to Kemer will have at least an hour (depending on the hotel).


6 main resorts in Turkey: guide

Marmaris is known as a youth resort with a hilarious international club life (for many it’s a profitable difference from the Russian-Turkish discotheques of Antalya). They also keep a course for the divers – Marmaris offers dozens of diving spots in the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. Finally, for amateur photographers here expanse – the views are very picturesque, both at the expense of the rich nature, and because of the clinging bays of yachts. Older people choose the village of Icmeler – a quiet place with healing air and healing springs. For those who seek quiet romance, the nearby Turunc, from which it is easy to get to the clubs of Marmaris, will do.

The nearest international airport is Dalaman. The distance from it to Marmaris exceeds one hundred kilometers, so the road can take 1.5-2 hours, and even much more – depending on the location of the hotel.


6 main resorts in Turkey: guide

Youth rest here is more expensive and more quality than in the vicinity of Antalya. Bodrum tusovka quite satisfied guests older and more respectable students: not in vain these places are called the “Turkish Riviera”. Turkish musicians and TV stars come here to rest, and artists just live all year round in this nice and prosperous resort town. On this part of the coast, excellent diving and good windsurfing, so this is also a great place for outdoor activities.

From Milas airport, located 32 kilometers from Bodrum, you can get to any resort hotel in less than an hour.

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