Month: July 2018

In the refrigerator of the St. Petersburg apartment security officers found 500 million

Petersburger kept in the refrigerator 500 million rubles, and in the couch another 630. In

In Pinsk, a motorcycle crashed into a curb: 2 people were seriously injured

July 26 in Pinsk (Brest region) there was an accident involving a motorcycle “Suzuki” –

Astronomers first tested the general theory of relativity near a supermassive black hole

ESO / M. Kornmesser Astronomers based on data analysis for 26 years of observations for

Bloody Moon: the opinions of astrologers, preachers and astronomers

The astronomical phenomenon that occurs once in 25 thousand years can be observed on Friday.

Russia will see the opposition of Mars and the total lunar eclipse

A unique astronomical phenomenon – the longest total eclipse of the Moon in the 21st

Ari received a Russian passport (VIDEO) / Football. Brazilian striker "Krasnodar" Ari announced that he had received a Russian passport.

Carrera: “Against” Spartacus “all play with increased motivation” / Football. Main coach "Spartacus" Massimo Carrera suggested that the Moscow club is a

A simple remedy for the treatment of hypertension, migraine and intercostal neuralgia

In skillful hands, mustard plasters help to fight many diseases. Strengthening blood circulation directly in

What you need to spray tomatoes in the middle of summer, in order to conserve and increase the yield

In summer young tomatoes especially need protection from diseases and pests. It will not be

Ukraine threatened Russia!

Relations between Ukraine and Russia are gaining a new round of danger, which unfolds in