• Celebrity

    Former soloist of the group “Roots” will become a teacher

    Pavel Artemiev / photo: globallook.com 35-year-old Pavel Artemiev will share his experience with a new generation of musicians. The singer said that he would soon start teaching at Moscow Music School. Pavel Artemiev is a graduate of the Star Factory. About eight years he performed in the band “Roots”, but in 2010 he left the band. Not so long ago the singer said that he was uncomfortable in the band. When he got to the “Factory”, he was 19 years old. Now the singer understands that he was not ready to join the show business, because he did not know how he works. However, now the artist is engaged in…

  • Celebrity

    Son of Evgeny Plushenko won his first competition in figure skating

    In the Academy of figure skating Evgeny Plushenko, the “Evgeni Plushenko Cup” took place, in which young figure skaters participated. 5-year-old son of Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeni Plushenko Alexander first took part in competitions and won. Recall: Skater Evgeni Plushenko owns his figure skating academy “Plushenko’s Angels”, which is located in Moscow. That’s where the promising young athletes are trained. The small son Plushenko is also one of the pupils of this sports institution. The first gold of Alexander Plushenko! Congratulations to Sasha on his first victory! Well done! Congratulations to the team of the Academy trainers #angelsofplushenko Sasha won the category Young figure skater, where he was the only…

  • Celebrity

    Astrological forecast for May

    So, “May went to squat in a cap on the head …” Well, last spring month like no other has fun and joy. And join in his blossoming, noisy dance! TAURUS (April 21-May 21) Looking at future partners, trust first of all not the opinion of friends, but intuition. If the inner voice says that you should not contact a person, do not argue – the voice is more visible! TWINS (May 22-June 21) It’s time to put into practice those ideas that you have long been nurturing, but were afraid of the pitfalls that exist, most likely, only in your imagination. But there is nothing to worry about, the…

  • Celebrity

    Yana Churikova demonstrated a built-up figure

    Two more months ago Yana Churikova hid extra pounds under free suits and jackets, and now she can easily afford an outfit. Yesterday, the TV presenter appeared at the Effie Awards Russia 2018, and all those present there could not help but notice how the star became prettier and more beautiful. For the ceremony, Jana chose a suit with tight trousers. The top of the outfit excited the bare shoulders and practically the “swan neck” leading. Already next week in Moscow promise a rise in temperature to 25 degrees. Someone from star friends Churikova still sweats in the gym, putting herself in perfect shape, and Yana is ready! No new…

  • Fashion

    Dress like Denise Crosby in the movie “Pet Cemetery”

    Terribly fashionable! Everyone who has watched horror films in the childhood through the chilling creations of Stephen King, know that compared to them, modern horror films are more like children’s cartoons. Today we decided to disassemble one of the most famous – “Cemetery of domestic animals.” The film is made in classical American traditions. Juicy colors, naturalistic eerie scenes, a stunning soundtrack (by the way, the guys from The Ramones wrote specifically for him) and insanely fashionable characters who seem to have managed to capture all the best from the 80’s and 90’s – everything does “The Cemetery of the Home animals “not only worthy of viewing with friends, but…

  • Fashion

    Boyarska in a magnificent dress with a deep neckline appeared at the closing ceremony of the Moscow International Film Festival

    Elizaveta Boyarskaya / photo: globallook.com This evening in Moscow, the closing of the Moscow International Film Festival. On the red carpet in their finest outfits defile celebrities. Elizabeth Boyarska appeared in public in a luxurious black dress. Today in Moscow, the jubilee 40th Moscow International Film Festival is coming to an end. Now in the theater of the Musical on Pushkin Square the star guests gather. On the red carpet already visited Maria Kozhevnikova, Irina Lachina, Natalia Bardo, Catherine Spitsa and many other famous people. Elizaveta Boyarskaya appeared at the social event. The actress, despite the cold weather, dressed in a black evening dress with a lush skirt and with…

  • Celebrity

    The Norwegian writer promised Russia the collapse of the country

    Norwegian writer Erica Fatland. Photo: Instgram Writer Erica Fatland from Norway traveled around 14 states bordering Russia for her new book, and as a result she said: the country is in for a breakdown. According to Berlingske, the writer traveled from North Korea to Norway. Her journey took 259 days. During this time, she came to the conclusion that the former Soviet republics continue to live under the influence of Russia, and Moscow’s goal is to return them. "Russia will always want to return the areas that were previously part of it. In the Russian mind, such areas as Kazakhstan and Belarus are Russian", writes Fatland in his book "Border".…

  • Sphere

    In Michigan, the goose attacked the golfer

    A young golfer participated in a school tournament when a goose unexpectedly attacked him. According to UPI, a series of photos of the attack was published on the school’s Twitter account with the comment: “Who said that golf is boring?” The victim of the attack Devon Gilson-Pits said that only his pride was hurt, in his post on Facebook he wrote: Yesterday I did not think that golf could be so cheerful. We played great yesterday, and not without adventures. “

  • Art-photo

    “Power of Attraction”: 12 images of Russia in one photo exhibition

    In the Gallery of classical photography there is a photo exhibition "Force of gravity" – a collection of unique photos combined "Russian" topic. Unlike many exhibitions devoted to Russia, there are no classical images like Kamchatka volcanoes, bears or the Kremlin. But there are many portraits and plot sketches that reflect the paradoxical and sometimes mutually exclusive nature of our country. The exhibition presents photographs of not only Russian, but also foreign photographers. This means that viewers have a chance to look at Russia as if from outside, from the position of people who for the first time see deaf Central Russian villages or baptismal bathing. All photos are divided…

  • Art

    MAMM calls to see “Mrs. Hyde” Serge Bozon

    MAMM invites you to watch the film Serge Bozon "Mrs. Hyde". This is a story about a stunted physics teacher who, after a lightning strike, finds a superpower, puts the students back on their feet and glows in the dark, and receives a loud ovation at the Moscow International Film Festival. The film was called "the most eccentric comedy of spring" and the actor’s triumph Isabel Huppert. The plot is based on Robert Stevenson’s program novel "The strange story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde". To the classic plot about an ominous double, director Bozon mixes elements of comedy and social drama, and the question "dark start" Human nature is…