Художній підхід: new Campaign for Acqua di Fiori Gucci

Nova Campania, is dedicated to the parfum Acqua di Fiori, the axis-axis rozpochnetsya in sotsmeryzhah Gucci. Італійський модний Boudinok not admit nagod spivprotsyvati with talanovitimi artists. For the decoration of advertising campaigns, the aroma of boules is decorated by 15 artists, yakis by their imagination presented by Acqua di Fiori, for the words of creativity and imagination in the babies.

Художній підхід: new Campaign for Acqua di Fiori GucciAcqua di Fiori Gucci

In the interiors of the new project, artists created for the Instagram-branded brand Gucci a new digital campaign, padded the hashtag #AcquadiFiori and #InBloom. Їх Origineal creativity takozh presenting і in інших соціальних мережа Budinka.

Художній підхід: new Campaign for Acqua di Fiori GucciFrensis Kennon

Серед ілюстрацій і картин для проекту: chaotic and barbista кулінарія Фібі Коллінгс-Джеймс, тонкі обраччя Ленглі Фокс Хемінгуей, chimerі malunki Френсіс Кеннон, героняі Emmi Allegretti, яка єїї власним експерименти з хімії, погади about дитинство лондонської художникові Joy Meisі и супер-дівчата Joanne Avilles.

Художній підхід: new Campaign for Acqua di Fiori GucciJoanne Avilles

Художній підхід: new Campaign for Acqua di Fiori GucciParfumi

Deadpool dances on high heels in a new video Celine Dion

On the air of the TV show Good Morning America showed Celine Dion’s video for the new song Ashes, and its main character was Deadpool. As Dion sings, Deadpool gradually approaches the stage, listening to the words of the song and remembering his difficult past.

Then he goes on stage, in high-heeled shoes, and starts dancing like the last time – jumps and twines reflect the emotional intensity of the song. Let the beauty come out of ashes (“Let the beauty come from the ashes”) – according to the leading Good Morning America, Deadpool wrote the words himself and invited Celine Dion to sing. At the end of the video, the superhero invites the singer to perform together again. The clip was released on the eve of the premiere of the film “Deadpool 2”, which will appear on screens already on May 17. We hope that the film does not compete with the Titanic in the drama and tragedy of the plot.

We deliver all the main news about the style and tell you how to be a gentleman and not screw up, right in Telegram in our channel.

Deadpool dances on high heels in a new video Celine Dion

Deadpool dances on high heels in a new video Celine Dion

Mikhail Shemyakin: “we are All funny actors in the theater of the Lord God”

Mikhail Shemyakin: "we are All funny actors in the theater of the Lord God"

Mikhail Shemyakin is one of the largest Russian artists of our time, this one will not argue. Perhaps even those who are confused by his works (on the Bolotnaya square in Moscow), such as the famous monument to Peter I in the Peter and Paul fortress or the sculptural composition.

It is believed that the artist must say it works; but not only. Michael is a wonderful conversationalist, young and light, smart and deep. We have collected the statements from the interview, which he gave in different years, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

* My life is closely connected with art. Mother was an actress, she studied at the theater Institute of the Boris Zone, were removed from Cherkasov, Babochkin. Went to the front, and when we came back from Germany, worked in a Puppet theater of a name demmeni. Theatrical life surrounded me from all sides.

* The father was the creator of the ensemble of the military dance of the horsemen of the North Caucasus. I danced at the time. But my father was a heavy alcoholic, so New year and any other holiday. These days, the father. These memories of childhood, of course, over time, are erased, but is imprinted.

Mikhail Shemyakin: "we are All funny actors in the theater of the Lord God"2005. A scene from the ballet "The magic nut" to music by Sergei Slonimsky, who presented the Mariinsky theater. The author of the libretto, scenery, costumes and performances – the artist Mikhail Shemyakin. Photo ITAR-TASS / Yuri Belinsky

The Lord gave me life again. All of my troubles and misery I have brought to myself and to others, were associated with him. And Vladimir Vysotsky probably still alive, Many of my friends are already left this world.

* My wife Sarah is a Protestant, so we always go to the Cathedral for Christmas mass. Half of my family came from Spain, who served in the Navy, they were Catholic. So I feel great and in a Catholic Church, and the Orthodox. And my father was a Muslim, so I felt good in the mosque. And Buddhists I feel good.

Mikhail Shemyakin: "we are All funny actors in the theater of the Lord God"The artist with his wife in 2007.

* Who would play me in a movie? .. I had not thought of that. But Sarah says that johnny Depp would. My friend, a renowned New York doctor. And there is johnny Depp with long hair and in the cylinder from the film Burton’s “Charlie and the chocolate factory”.

* When we wander with Sarah on the Paris by night, I take off the garbage, crumbling walls, crumbling plaster. Then it all tracings. Get fantastic pictures. Always remember the words of the immortal Leonardo da Vinci, who said, “More peering into the dirty wall, there you will see those stories that you never dream of.”

– Usually, when a person ages, he begins to grumble. It seems that everything is bad, culture and morality in decline … Read the writers of the XVIII – XIX centuries, and sometimes more ancient, – they all believed that humanity is heading for the abyss. And I join this chorus. Of course, the world in which I lived in the 1960s in Leningrad, by the way, about the city itself, we always called Peter, of course, was different. We were young and saw rosy. But there were and depression. People were put in asylums, not only because they left, many actually suffered from depression. It was gray, damp – all the letter “C”. On the other hand.

* I am not in a jingoistic society, but was just amazed that many modern students do not even know their art, Russian. To such an extent that they had Leonid Utesov, Claudia Shulzhenko, mark Bernes! My friend Vysotsky and I loved it.

Mikhail Shemyakin: "we are All funny actors in the theater of the Lord God"Mikhail Shemyakin during the exhibition in memory of Vladimir Vysotsky, November 2011.

* Today revolve around the art not hundreds of millions, and billions. And where the big money is not very clean. This is a very complex business transformations. Auctions, where used to be artists, now they announce. The chosen artist can declare any art thing. This trick will probably never take root in Russian territory.

* Recently, Govorukhin said, all evil from intelligentsia. He would have to repeat the words of comrade Lenin, that the intelligentsia is not the brain of the nation and its g … but, and would fall to Lenin stream.

* You need to understand that revolution, but the blood, gave us at first a lot of new, avant-garde. If, in fact, was born a new society, and each birth is accompanied by pain. The other day I came across a very interesting phrase: “If not a revolution, then we would not be here”, it very well reflects my thoughts.

Mikhail Shemyakin: "we are All funny actors in the theater of the Lord God"Monument to Peter I by Mikhail Shemyakin.

* Thanks to the fait accomplishment of the revolution. If not for her, but today I might not have in my pocket a volume of Brodsky. Do not forget that many of the greatest representatives of Russian science, art and literature – the Jews. And had the opportunity to create, to invent and to open new horizons thanks to the October revolution. And there is a possibility that if everything was “as it was”, in the person of Joseph Brodsky we would have today a good cobbler or tailor.

We are all born under the Soviet regime. As if we did not want to get rid of it. I do not think it is shameful. We are accustomed to think in a different way, different perspective on life, learned to adapt and survive under any conditions. The Soviet power of us to many things taught. And I personally owe her a lot and remain grateful for many things.

* I was in the Soviet time has been through a lot: compulsory treatment in mental hospitals, searches, arrests, expulsion. But, nevertheless, I understand that at the time of writing, it’s forever, great, great, and I love the country and its people. To be angry is for the weak minded.

Mikhail Shemyakin: "we are All funny actors in the theater of the Lord God"1995 Artist Mikhail Shemyakin and his sculptural composition "Mascara" at the exhibition in Lavrushinsky lane. PHOTO Morkovkin Anatoly / Fotokhronika TASS

* I lived for 30 years in America. In it I’m not disappointed to this day. I have traveled halfway around the world and I can not say that the country is close to the Russians. The American people – hard-working, energetic, having little to do with “ruling elite”.

* Russia – a special destiny and art of Russia – the fate of extraordinary. I firmly believe in the Holy Trinity, and, therefore, share the story of Russian art in three theological units – three phenomenon. Two of them have already happened. The first phenomenon – the Russian icon-painting. The second Russian avant-garde, and the future, the third (when it comes not know) is picking up stones, creating something unprecedented, serious and metaphysical, which will show new ways of development of art in the world.

* We are all funny actors in the theater of God. Sometimes theater, sometimes comic, sometimes tragic, sometimes absurd, after which even Ionesco – just a realist, as the Czechs!


Mikhail Shemyakin was born in Moscow in 1943. He spent his childhood with his parents in East Germany, where his father served. In 1956, the family returned to the Soviet Union, and Mikhail entered the secondary art school at the Leningrad Institute of Painting, sculpture and architecture named I. E. Repin. After a few years he was excluded “for failing norms of socialist realism”. Switched jobs – was a postman and the doorman and scaffolder at the Hermitage. Art of, of course, left for him mostly, he talked a lot with artists and intellectuals. The Soviet authorities, KGB and the Union of artists, Shemyakin was even forcibly sent to treatment in a psychiatric hospital, and in 1971 he was expelled from the Soviet Union. Lived in France, then moved to the USA and then returned to France – as he says himself, “to be closer to Russia, where I work, teach, organize science exhibitions.”

JJ Abrams is preparing a secret superhero project

JJ Abrams is preparing a secret superhero project

In the photo: JJ Abrams

It would seem that there is no shortage of superhero movies on the market. But JJ Abrams thinks differently and is going to reformat the genre.

The creator of “Star Trek” and “Awakening Force” undertakes to produce a superhero film called “The Heavy“(” Heavy “). And in the directors Abrams calls Julius Avery, with whom he is currently working on the Overlord project, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The script was written by Daniel Casey. The plot, of course, is kept secret, and production is carried out in an atmosphere of the utmost secrecy, as always with the projects of JJ Abrams. All that is known is “The Heavy“Should become a new word in the superhero genre and, as they say, break the templates.

Julius Avery, who claimed to be a film “The Son of Arms” (Young Blood), is now finishing work on Overlord for Abrams Bad Robot, which takes place during the Second World War.

As for “The Heavy“, Its distribution was also taken over by the studio Paramount. The release is scheduled for October 25 this year.

The ex-wife of Timothy became a Muse of Bella Potemkina

The ex-wife of Timothy became a Muse of Bella PotemkinaTimothy is very friendly with her ex-lover

Four years ago, Timothy and his common-law wife of the second Vice-miss Russia 2012 Alena Shishkova born daughter Alice.

However, despite the appearance of a baby.

Timothy now found another beauty – the first Vice-miss Russia 2014 by Anastasia Reshetova. Alena Shishkova is also his own personal life. But the former spouses unites daughter Alice, so Timothy is very friendly with her ex-lover.

After parting with Timothy, Allen continues to work as a model.

The ex-wife of Timothy became a Muse of Bella PotemkinaPhoto: Archive Of Bella Potemkina

On the eve of the school prom designer Bella Potemkin spent shooting a new lookbook featuring model Alena Shishkova.

– For me Alena Shishkova is the epitome of femininity and sophistication, beauty, tenderness and grace. Bella Potemkina. It was not just that she was the Muse of my new lookbook-recognized Bella Potemkina.

The collection of dresses Potemkina, judging by the photos, delicate and airy, bright and uncluttered.

The ex-wife of Timothy became a Muse of Bella Potemkina

Photo: Archive Of Bella Potemkina

Most of the models are presented with textured fabric with an oversized roses.

The color palette includes a lot of ottenkov: Ludowy, pale pink, lemon, red, Burgundy, goluby and powdery.

Dress are presented in different models. Maxi, MIDI and mini, therefore, according to Potemkina, every girl can easily pick up an outfit for your festive events.

There is a tribe that does not contact with civilization at all

There is a tribe that does not contact with civilization at all

It turns out that there is a tribe in the world that does not contact with civilization at all. No way. But because he does not.

These people live on the island of North Sentinel (North Sentinel), which belongs to the Andaman archipelago. About them, almost nothing is known – except that they all saw us in the coffin. (And some, who were too intrusive, were sent there).

The island was discovered by Europeans long ago, back in the eighteenth century, and if not colonized, it was only because it had no interest in the sense of gain, and besides everything is surrounded by reefs – neither swim nor stick.

In the nineteenth century, the ships crashed on the rocks several times. The crews tried to land on the shore, but the natives met them with arrows. Someone finished it off.

They are very short, naked, curly people with reddish noses. They talk in a language that is not at all like other Andaman languages, which means that they live in isolation from time immemorial.

Once, in 1897, the police landed on the island, chasing a runaway convict. I found him all with arrows, with a cut throat, and quickly got out.

Now the island belongs formally to India. Several times anthropologists tried to come into contact with the Sentinelites: they brought gifts, showed all kindness.

The natives invariably went into the forest. From outsiders did not want to take anything.

In 1991, an Indian scientist seemed to suddenly find the way to the heart of impregnable Aborigines. The magic key was the multi-colored plastic buckets.

For six years it was possible to maintain a very cautious, very monotonous contact. Sometimes the Sentinelites behaved peacefully-that is, they took buckets. Sometimes they threatened with their spears and showed their asses. But close so never came.

And then communication stopped altogether.

The natives began to shoot at the helicopters from the bows.

In 2006, two fishermen were killed, whose boat was carried by a current to the island.

God knows what the savages have found. Maybe they just decided that they already had enough colored buckets.

Since the times are now politically correct, the islanders were left alone, even for the murders they did not punish. Let them live as they want.

Here they live. We do not even know how many of them.

Vin Diesel revealed the location of the shooting of the new “Fast and the Furious”

Vin Diesel revealed the location of the shooting of the new "Fast and the Furious"Actor Vin Diesel. Photo: Facebook.com/ VinDiesel

Vin Diesel revealed the location of the shooting of the new "Fast and the Furious"

Hollywood actor Vin Diesel told details about the shooting of the ninth and tenth parts of the franchise "Fast and the Furious". The heroes of the famous film, he said, will go to Africa.

According to Vin Diesel, shooting new parts "Fast and the Furious" will be directed by Justin Lin, who worked earlier on the four episodes of the picture. In the interview Screen Rant actor reported that he confirmed the intention to continue shooting "Fast and the Furious".

Vin Diesel intrigued fans, hinting that the characters of the film this time will go to Africa.

"I can tell you that we have not been to Africa yet. And we are already ripe", – said the artist.

More details on the story, he refused to speak. According to producer Neil Moritz, the next two parts will be the last.

Previously, Vin Diesel was recognized as the most cash actor in 2017.

Garik Kharlamov and Kristina Asmus: “we Have funding!”

Garik Kharlamov and Kristina Asmus: "we Have funding!"

Rumors about the pregnancy of Christine Asmus occur so often that an actress would not get to give birth to one child after another. Fans are wondering why the celebrity couple had not yet dared to have a second child, while their daughter Anastasia turned 4 years. The possibility that Christina has decided to focus on his career, no reason not to consider.

Meanwhile, the stars themselves. For example, Christina, apparently, trying to laugh at you two hot topics – pregnancy and overweight husband – published in a personal blog a photo, which embraces Garik. But the Central figure in the picture is not not Asmus and Kharlamov, and his impressive belly.

“We have funding!” – Christina joked in the caption.

Subscribers actress immediately picked up the joke and remembered that the first man is able to reproduce a child. “For this you can try, Garik!” – began to encourage his followers.

By the way, not so long ago that Kharlamov gave the public suspicion about his pregnancy of his wife. In celebration of her 30th birthday yesterday in his speech, called his wife his “quarters”. Fans of the pair. They are decided that the next one is the family can have another (fourth) person. However, most likely, he meant that Christina is so tiny that can not be it “half”.

10 facts about Joe Lynn Turner

August 2, 1951 was born American singer and songwriter, who performed with Fandango, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force, Mother’s Army and HTP, and now participating in the project Over the Rainbow. On the birthday of Joe Lynn Turner, we have prepared for you a selection of interesting facts about him.

  • As a child, Joe played the accordion
  • While studying at the institute, Joe founded the band Erza, who performed covers on Hendrix, Free and Deep Purple, and also played their own material
  • The first serious and successful professional musical experience for Joe was the participation in the band Fandango, in which Turner sang and played the guitar. All four of the band’s albums were recorded with the participation of Joe
  • Fandango broke up and Joe took off even higher: after Ritchie Blackmore’s call and the follow-up listening to him, Turner was instantly included in the Rainbow, and it was thanks to Joe that the band gained wide recognition in the US, having previously been popular mostly in Europe and Japan
  • As part of Rainbow, Turner recorded three albums: Difficult to Cure, Straight Between the Eyes and Bent out of Shape
  • After the collapse of Rainbow, Joe released a solo album Rescue You, Most of the songs for which he wrote himself co-authored with Alom Wood (Foreigner)
  • In 1988, Turner began collaborating with Yngwie Malmsteen and his band, recording with them the album Odyssey and taking part in a tour in his support. A year later, however, Joe left the band and was invited by Richie Blackmore to Deep Purple to replace Ian Gillan
  • After releasing one album with Deep Purple and starting work on the next one, Turner was dismissed from the band. The reason for this was the strong creative disagreement between Turner and the rest of the group: Joe brought to the music and scenic behavior of Deep Purple too many quotes and borrowings from other musicians, depriving the group of identity. Despite the fact that the initiator of Turner’s arrival in Deep Purple was Richie Blackmore, it was he who first spoke about Joe’s dismissal
  • Leaving Deep Purple did not become the end of Turner’s career, and in subsequent years he managed to work fruitfully both on his own projects (Hughes Turner Project and a joint project with Bulgarian guitarist Nikolai Kotsev) and on a host of others, continuing his career to this day
  • In 2005, Joe was a guest musician for The Village Lanterne of Blackmore’s Night. He performed a bonus track written by him and Blackmore in the time of joint performances in Rainbow, under the name of Street of Dreams

10 facts about Joe Lynn Turner

What the Earth looks like at a distance of 6 billion km

What the Earth looks like at a distance of 6 billion km

What the Earth looks like at a distance of 6 billion km

28 years ago, the space probe Voyager 1, approaching the boundaries of the solar system, photographed our planet. On the resulting image, the Earth appears as a tiny light point of 0.12 pixels in size. It can be found on the right side of the frame, in an orange strip (the colored bars in the picture are interference caused by the sun’s rays).

Background to the snapshot

Voyager 1 was launched in 1977. His task was to collect information about Jupiter and Saturn: their composition, mass, density of the atmosphere and so on.

After the device completed the main mission, its creators from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA division) sent the probe to the far reaches of the solar system.

On February 14, 1990, being 6 billion km from his native planet, Voyager threw a “farewell glance” at her. The image transferred to them was called Pale Blue Dot (English Pale Blue dot). The idea to photograph the Earth from such an angle was suggested by astrophysicist Carl Sagan.

“Look again at this point. It’s here. This is our house. This is us. Everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you’ve ever heard of, all the people that ever existed lived their lives on it – in a mote suspended in the sunlight, “Carl Sagan wrote.

On that day, the probe also captured other planets of our star system: Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. A series of 60 pictures was called “Family Portrait”.

In August 2012, Voyager 1 became the first man-made object to leave the solar system. Now the probe is located 20 billion km from the Earth and is directed to the constellation of the Giraffe. On its board is a message to alien civilizations: a gold-plated phonograph record with the sounds of our planet, on the back of which the coordinates of the Earth are indicated. In the development of the tablet took part all the same Carl Sagan. Listen to the recordings from this record here.

  • What the Earth looks like at a distance of 6 billion km
  • What the Earth looks like at a distance of 6 billion km