10 stylish ideas for a luxurious evening image

10 stylish ideas for a luxurious evening image

Are you on the verge of a grand event? The wedding of a younger sister, a secular party, graduation, a student’s ball, a charity party? Then you just can not do without a beautiful image that will emphasize the dignity of your figure and make you irresistible.

Let’s start with a little black dress. This is a classic and this is the basis for many luxurious evening images. It is enough to complete the dress with sparkling shoes and suitable ornaments and you will be adorable. A short simple dress on thin straps is worn by Jennifer Lopez, emphasizing her mouth-watering shapes.

10 stylish ideas for a luxurious evening image

A little more academic option – a long black dress with a deep neckline and laconic shoes-boats. Such models of dresses are preferred by Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid. These girls know what to focus on!

An alternative to a small black dress will be shorts with a corset or a suit with short trousers. As a fashionable addition, choose a velvet or velvet jacket that resembles a royal coat. Today it’s a squeak of fashion! To open slender legs and to emphasize the waist is loved by Jennifer Connelly.

By the way, in the form of a stylized jacket can look and the whole dress:

Disco option is a small black dress in glitter, paillettes and other brilliant decor. The option is more suitable for a relaxed environment, where you can show up in shoes with bright fur and glasses in a multi-colored frame. Epatage is our everything! But within reasonable limits. By the way, the unusual, sometimes even strange shoes with an animalistic print, bright decor and other unusual details are loved by the British Prime Minister Teresa May.

Another option: a black dress with a neckline on thin straps in gold stars, well, or with any other magic decor. Pick up to it gold ornaments and sandals with thin intertwining. Ensemble will be easy, romantic and attractive.

We pass to heavy artillery. How do you like the image in the style of Marilyn Monroe? A light silver flowing dress, a purse with a fringe, which seems to continue the folds of the dress and shoes on the heel! In this way you can appear at any party, social reception and just on a date with your loved one.

Dresses in the floor deserve special attention. This is a great opportunity to make the image mysterious and sexy at the same time. The top is open and the bottom is as close as possible. Demonstrate your elegant neck, beautiful breasts and even a slender leg piece.

And do not forget about the fashionable this year, and in the previous ones, too, the midi:

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