10 facts about Joe Lynn Turner

August 2, 1951 was born American singer and songwriter, who performed with Fandango, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force, Mother’s Army and HTP, and now participating in the project Over the Rainbow. On the birthday of Joe Lynn Turner, we have prepared for you a selection of interesting facts about him.

  • As a child, Joe played the accordion
  • While studying at the institute, Joe founded the band Erza, who performed covers on Hendrix, Free and Deep Purple, and also played their own material
  • The first serious and successful professional musical experience for Joe was the participation in the band Fandango, in which Turner sang and played the guitar. All four of the band’s albums were recorded with the participation of Joe
  • Fandango broke up and Joe took off even higher: after Ritchie Blackmore’s call and the follow-up listening to him, Turner was instantly included in the Rainbow, and it was thanks to Joe that the band gained wide recognition in the US, having previously been popular mostly in Europe and Japan
  • As part of Rainbow, Turner recorded three albums: Difficult to Cure, Straight Between the Eyes and Bent out of Shape
  • After the collapse of Rainbow, Joe released a solo album Rescue You, Most of the songs for which he wrote himself co-authored with Alom Wood (Foreigner)
  • In 1988, Turner began collaborating with Yngwie Malmsteen and his band, recording with them the album Odyssey and taking part in a tour in his support. A year later, however, Joe left the band and was invited by Richie Blackmore to Deep Purple to replace Ian Gillan
  • After releasing one album with Deep Purple and starting work on the next one, Turner was dismissed from the band. The reason for this was the strong creative disagreement between Turner and the rest of the group: Joe brought to the music and scenic behavior of Deep Purple too many quotes and borrowings from other musicians, depriving the group of identity. Despite the fact that the initiator of Turner’s arrival in Deep Purple was Richie Blackmore, it was he who first spoke about Joe’s dismissal
  • Leaving Deep Purple did not become the end of Turner’s career, and in subsequent years he managed to work fruitfully both on his own projects (Hughes Turner Project and a joint project with Bulgarian guitarist Nikolai Kotsev) and on a host of others, continuing his career to this day
  • In 2005, Joe was a guest musician for The Village Lanterne of Blackmore’s Night. He performed a bonus track written by him and Blackmore in the time of joint performances in Rainbow, under the name of Street of Dreams

10 facts about Joe Lynn Turner

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